Technical differences with the FP 3 battery

The official FairPhone 3+ page states “3040 mAh capacity” under “Technical data - Battery”.

My values determined with DevCheck Pro show a capacity of 2000 mAh. I wanted to know this more precisely and sent a request to DevCheck Pro.

My request to DevCheck Pro:
Hello to DevCheck.
I am using DevCheck Pro on Fairphone 3+
Fairphone 3+ Akku has 3000 mAh.
DevCheck is showing 2000 mAh.
Other equivalent Apps showing 3000 mAh.
Where that comes from? or is it a bug?

The answer from DevCheck Pro:
This is what the manufacturer has entered into the battery firmware.

I was somewhat surprised by the answer and am now looking for a technical clarification for the difference.

Battery manufacturer: Fuji Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

CPU Info - Hardware - Battery - Capacity: 2000mAh

FP 3+ - Settings - About the phone - Battery info: F3AC1 - 3000mAh

I have tested other apps to get more mAh data. There are almost no other apps that give this value.

I am not sure. FairPhone will probably not give me any information about this difference and why it exists. Maybe @rae can give me/us some guidance.

I vaguely remember we had this discussion before. Wild guess: The 2000mAh are still the FP1 value (FP1 battery capacity: 2000 mAh, a very late and limited update of the FP1 battery eventually had 2100mAh).

P.S.: Found it:


Thanks @urs_lesse, this post did not come up in my search.

The difference in the data is explained by the keyword “firmware”. It also makes no difference whether the battery is 0% or 100% charged. It does not cause a problem either. Fuji Electronics (battery manufacturer) writes the firmware and apparently has been using this firmware for who knows how long and for batteries manufactured for smartphones. The actual mAh capacity is different. This, my finding, I conclude from the descriptions of Wiki (Firmware – Wikipedia - Firmware von Drittanbietern) German Wiki, the English does not provide this explanation) and other descriptions that can be found on the web.

If my findings are incorrect, please provide relevant clarification, thank you.



Apparently this does not refer to the charging routine of a battery and problems associated with zero to 100% charge.

Such problems are addressed by the following

Here’s Samsung’s advice

Charge Regularly

To get the most out of your smartphone’s battery, you’ll need to charge it properly.

Most Smartphones have a lithium-ion battery that lives longer when charged regularly. Unlike the nickel batteries used in older phones, lithium-ion batteries do best when kept above a 50 percent charge. Repeatedly allowing the battery to drain fully may shorten its life and decrease its overall capacity.

If this happens, you’ll need to charge the battery more frequently and it may last only a few hours before needing a charge, for example.

Leaving the phone connected to the charger (when the phone is completely charged) while you are using it may lower battery life if you do it repeatedly.

@amoun this statement is not to be considered alone but in the context of “Firmware” and the post @urs_lesse has linked. I refer to “Technical differences with the FP 3 battery” and “Firmware” and no others.
Please do not travel out of context.

Translated with

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So you are saying the difference in charge is no problem in regards to the firmware analysis of the batteries proposed capacity by specific apps ~ or something more along those lines.

If so my comment was irrelevant yet as the context may not be understood by another reader too, then I will leave it in place and not delete it.

However I have edited the first part.

Thanks for your response. I hope I’ve got a better idea of what you mean, but to clarify, I wasn’t ‘travelling out of context’ it was my misunderstanding of some of the text in your post, as similarly you misunderstood the purpose of my response. :slight_smile:

OK, to clarify.
DevCheck is showing 2000 mAh. This is what the manufacturer has entered into the battery firmware. It also makes no difference whether the battery is 0% or 100% charged.
Referring to

and the following posts

It’s probably my complex thinking and the assumption that other users read through the entire post. I’m probably wrong and will have to elaborate further in the future :wink:

Hi if that’s to me @amoun, you are both wrong and right. Wrong in that I did read the whole post but right in ‘I just didn’t get it properly’

But all this is off topic so goodbye :wave:

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