Stock camera app without Google Photos

Continuing the discussion from FP4 - gcam-port and Make, crop & share scresnhots in three steps:

The problem is that when using the stock camera app and opening a photo, it does always open Google Photos, even when another gallery app is installed and set as standard. If Google Photos is deactivated/uninstalled, the camera app crashes.

I have an open support ticket about this issue, and it has now been forwarded to another department. I will update this topic as soon as I have further information.


Same situation here but I add more details:
1 -take a picture with the stock camera.
2 -touch the viewer, bottom left button.
3 -you get a “nice” message that the camera is still not working.

However, the camera does work, the only thing it doesn’t do is open the photo just taken in the default, non-stock gallery.

Hope this helps.


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Interesting, I don’t get a message, only a silent crash. Could you show us a screenshot of it?

Yes, of course, here it goes, in Spanish, it’s my language, sorry!

camera crash

By the way, I forgot to say that sometimes the error message does not appear, and I have had to take a photo two or three times to force it to appear.

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Typical GAFAM behaviour in my opinion.

if you open the camera after a crash and try doing the same thing again, you’ll get a “Camera keeps stopping” pop up.

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Support gives me things to try out and even do a factory reset. I am not willing to do one because then I have to set everything up again. I am still convinced that this is a simple programming error in the camera app. Or is there anybody in this forum that can use another camera app than Google Photos with the stock camera app?

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I have tried Open Camera downloaded from F-Droid and two versions of the GCam from Google Camera Ports Download :

  1. MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV1x_ENG.apk from BSG modder
  2. GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.5 Wichaya’s mod

The one I like the most is the BSG because of the way it takes indoor photos in low light and without flash. It works with the original stock camera without any problems.
The open Camera has one thing that I really like, it allows to print the date, time and location of the shot in a fully customizable way and very easy to enable and disable.
Having said all this with my very little knowledge of photography, :slight_smile:


I was going to ask about the same issue. I have disabled Google Photos because I don’t want to share my images with it, and I have another ‘Gallery’ app installed. The stock camera app on the Fairphone 4 doesn’t recognize it and if I click on the ‘recent photo’ icon in the camera it pops up a message saying ‘Google Photos is disabled. Please enable it.’ or words to that effect.

I have found no way to associate the camera with a gallery app other than Google Photos. Poor, and annoying.

Try this

But this topic is not about GCam?

I know that
But this could be a solution, too
This apk pretends goolag photos :wink:
It is worth a try

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Same. I had to get a FP4 a few days ago after I lost my FP3 and was really surprised that this is even an issue now. Any news on whether they’re working on change this? I don’t wanna use Google Photos :roll_eyes:


Yes. It annoys me when this sort of thing is offered as ‘the solution’. It smacks of ‘we’ve reached the end of the script’ laziness and it can put a LAGRE amount of restorative work on the poor user when it is often not even guaranteed as a solution. I can accept it if there really is no other solution and it has been shown to work, but not as a ‘well, nothing else worked so it’s probably that’ shot-in-the-dark.

If you have to resort to this sort of ‘fix’ in even a modest fraction of cases then something else is very wrong.

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After taking a foto, i like to tab on the I dont want to use Google Fotos. But the galerie linked in the standard camera app seems to be just Google Fotos.

  • is there a posibility to link another galerie app with the standard camera app?
  • or does anyone has a recommendation for an alternative camera app, that works good with the Fairphone 4?
    Many thanks for advices!
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@hnaef I moved your post to this topic as I think it covers both your questions

A bit more technical also discussed here


You can use that :point_down:

I’ve replaced Google Photos on a FP4 running stock FPOS with that solution and it works fine with the FPCamera app.
You won’t get a full gallery, just a working preview and most importantly FPCamera won’t crash anymore. So you’ll still have to use some other gallery app to actually view and manage your photos.


I get an error telling my GcamPhotosPreview was not installed, irrespective if I just deactive the Google Fotos App or uninstall it using adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 Any idea why or what I an do to install the Calyx apk to get a working preview without Google Fotos?

You need to remove it completely, otherwise you won’t be able to install GCam Photo Preview.

The alternative is using Shelter, you can install GCPP in a work profile if you can’t remove Google Photos / aren’t running Magisk to overlay it.

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What does “remove completely” mean? How can I do more than uninstalling it (e.g. using universal-android-debloater)?