FP4 - gcam-port

Which GCam Port? Nikita, BSG, Wichaya…?and what means playing around with HDR settings exactly?

It’s BSG 8.6
Tried it a minute ago. It seems that the problem ist not repeatable. I’ll keep an eye on that and will report if it occurs again.

Hi, which is currently the best GCam port for the FP4?
And are there any config files available, so that the wide angle camera works?

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I would suggest that you try Nikita, Wichaya and BSG and see what works best for you. Personally, I am happy with the Nikita port. No config will actually help you with the wide angle camera, as the problem is that it is not yet accessible via the API. But it should be fixed, hopefully soon. See:

I would be interested in that as well. To everyone else: What do you think are the pros and cons of the different ports? I had tried to write a little bit along. But now I don’t know if that is correct and still up to date:


  • wrong time in file name
  • Use of third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery possible???

Nikita (NGCam):

  • FF4 gets hot
  • colors more realistic than BigKaka
  • Usage of third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery possible???

BigKaka (AGC):

  • looks brighter and more colorful than Nikita
  • third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery are possible
  • without awb (white balance) possibly better photos


  • does not support third party gallery apps like Simple Gallery

As @Razem wrote, no config will help you with wide angle camera and Fairphone will someday (hopefully) adopt the patch from CalyxOS. What ROM are you using? With stock ROM only waiting will help. As I said, CalyxOS has already solved it. Official LOS has seemingly adopted the patch as well. IodéOS will surely follow soon. How it looks with /e/OS and DivestOS, I do not know.

When you dont run FPOS or want to root or use shelter its possible with

Cant confirm and actually never heard about this…


Is this generally the case with all Gcam ports?

At least the version I have (8.6.263) has that option.

I’ve been using the BSG GCam for a while now and I’m quite happy with it.
Can’t say much about the features compared to the others, my main reason for choosing it was that it’s usually the most up-to-date one.
I want bleeding edge, if stuff doesn’t break once in a while I get bored :smirk:


:grinning: :+1:

I use Iodé and in Iodé is the wide angle camera supported with open camera…

I have the same version in use. But I could not find an option to use other gallery app. Perhaps you can point me into the right direction?

Pull down the options → More settings → Second to last option at the bottom :slightly_smiling_face:

There I have “Configs” just with “load” and “save”.

Interesting, maybe this only gets enabled on newer Android versions, I’m running CalyxOS (Android 13) :thinking:

Looks like that for me:

Thats weird I have this setting as well with FPOS A11 and the Nikita GCam port 8.2 v1.8…does BSG provide different versions as well (like snapcam or samsung…) and might this be the reason?

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I’m on stock and it’s visible for me as well. Strange.

Let’s check specific versions then :nerd_face:

I daily drive MGC_8.6.263_A11_V14 and am currently testing MGC_8.7.250_A11_V6 for stability.

Both have different package names. The older one ( installed as org.codeaurora.snapcam) has the option, the latest one (installed as com.android.mgc) actually doesn’t.
I’ve installed them with their package names switched and that didn’t change the outcome, so the functionality definitely depends on the version.

@jochen0 could you try the 8.6.263 version I linked above please :pray:

The different package names are solely there to make it easier to have two different packages/versions at the same time.
I use MGC_8.7.250_A11_V6 for testing and as stable version MGC_8.6.263_A11_V14 from BSG

They exist because of allow lists in some Android ROMs. If you install the version with the right package name on those, GCam gets additional access to something like the AUX lenses for example.

Further info in the FAQ.

Aaaand, do you have the option there? :upside_down_face:

Which option are you referring to?