Speakers and Microphone not working

i have the issue, that the speaker and microphone are not working. Some apps crash if they try to access this components. Sometimes the problem is gone for serveral days but sooner or later it comes back. I have tried to reset my phone and reinstall the stock rom but it doesn’t change anything. When i connecting a bluetooth audio device i can play audio as usual but cannot make phone calls, even if the bluetooth device is a headset. Maybe the internal microphone is always used to filter background noises. I don’t think replacing the speaker will solve this problem or am i wrong? Is it possible that my mainboard is broken?

If you dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * you get access to a range of hardware tests. I’d recommend you check the primary microphone (the one at the phone’s bottom end) and the secondary microphone (at the top end of the phone) as well as the speaker and the earspeaker to narrow down which hardware parts are affected.

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Thanky for your reply. In the Service test menu are the entries “Speaker”, “Earphone” and “Microphone”. If i try to open the Microphone menu the service app crashs and restart in the main menu. If i try to enter “Speaker” or “Earphone” the phone slows down dramatically, the screen wents black and i have to restart the phone. There is no sound played.
All other components works fine, just the Proximity switch menu shows “Proximity Switch Not detected”

Hi the proximity switch only works when you enable it by covering it :slight_smile:

Please check to see how your SD card is formatted, if you have one.

Next try and start in safe mode, which disables all but the default apps.

Hi Christian!
Have you found a solution for your Audio-Problems?
I have similar Problems… :frowning_face:

Hi @BrStefan

Maybe you would like to expalin your situation.

Custom apps / safe mode start
SD formatting

Which apps etc. On calls via network/Wi-Fi: Playing music.

Even if someone does find a solution you problems may not respond to their solution.

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Hi @amoun!

Thank you!
I have exlpainded my situation in this Topic - in German (i’m German Nativspeaker, and it’s easier for me to do it so):

Yes i know, but maybe there is a chance…

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