[Solved] SMS send takes unusually long

Hey, I have the same problem with my german provider ‘O2’. I can manually request a configuration sms from O2 but I only get an error message then: “Ihre Anfrage konnte leider nicht bearbeitet werden, die Kundenberatung wird Ihnen gerne weiterhelfen.”

I’m going to uninstall WhatsApp soon so I need the sms functionality working well for normal chat conversations…

I have the same problem with my new fairphone 3. Did you solve the issue?

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Hi everyone !
I have had this issue since getting my Fairphone 3… Here is my post about it : Issues sending texts with default "Message" app

I intended to change operators but can’t be sure it will solve the issue (and I don’t want to change in vain since I’m on a family contract). My operator is also Orange @Wouthie (in Belgium).

A little while after closing my issue on the forum, I was finally able to get in touch with an IT at Orange and he explained that for some reason, my phone was trying to send messages through wifi/mobile data then failing and then sending the SMS, which would explain the lag in his opinion. Didn’t really help me though… I tried disabling the “chat” functions, and I also tried every possible combination of parameter for that finction : no help.

As stated in my old issue, I tried my card in another FP3 (same batch), and I had the same issue. So from all the info I could collect, I’m guessing it’s an issue between the way the FP3 tries to send the message and the way my operator is expecting to get it? I don’t know… I should mention that my prevous phone was a FP2 and I had no such issue.

I considered sending a report to Fairphone, but I’m afraid they’ll just tell me to change my SIM (been there, done that), or my operator.

I tried makin a bug report, but I lack the knowledge to understand what’s wrong from it.

Soooo yeah… I have no help to give, but I would love insights if anyone ends up fixing that issue ! I used to send SMS a lot, but I barely use them on this phone and honestly it’s very inconvenient in some situations :confused:

EDIT : forgot to mention I closed my issue because the problem was solved for about 24h, then it came back… no idea how or why :sweat_smile:

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Trying won’t harm.
Contacting Fairphone support can be a good idea, and they might give you good advice. Moreover, if you tell them you already changed your SIM card, they won’t ask you to do it again (well I don’t think so).

You’re probably right. Honestly, I tried so many things and I have so many info to give them than I didn’t even know how to start my message :sweat_smile: Then I figured I’d just live with it since I couldn’t find anybody else having this issue and I figured the solution was in my hands (changing operators).
But now seeing others having the same problem I figure I should just contact them… I’ll do that and let you guys know if they can help :slight_smile:

Even when both options are off?

Did you try another SIM card from another operator? You don’t mention that.

Yes, even when both are off. No matter if there is wifi/4G or not. It’s been months now and so far, I’ve kept this issue in every situation (abroad or not, reception, no reception, day, night, with wifi/data/bluetooth/location on and off, etc.)

That said, I did not try with another sim card from another operator (and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that). I’ll try that today and see what changes and what remains stable, thanks !

PS: How do you quote parts of a previous message? That’s very handy :grin:


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Did you check whether Wi-Fi calling is on or off?



What about the SMSC?

(They don’t have the exact steps for the Fairphone 3, or a generic guide it seems, but the SMSC number is the same, it can be set somewhere along these lines …)



I only came across this thread when it started affecting me as well :wink: ;( :frowning:
FP3 with mobile provider DeutscheTelekom/TMO in Germany worked pretty much normal. Some other SIM card from O2/resale in the same FP3 phone, I also noticed SMS would take like a very long time no matter how tiny the SMS payload would be. Especially long texts take multiple times the 1minute time frame for a single SMS payload, so that got me frustrated. Recently, when accidentally being in a mobile cell site that had broken 4G/LTE turned off, I was sending SMS and they pretty much immediately got delivered/sent out. Receiving SMS is always quick and I dont notice any delays there.

So I went into “Network settings” -> “Preferred network type” and deliberately set e.g. 2G only, 3G only, 2G/3G auto. Anything but that newest “2G/3G/4G auto”… and all those other tree slower network type settings, would deliver my SMS in a time frame of about 1-3seconds max.

I guess, there is something broken with the Android9 that FP3 delivers to the customers with regards to different mobile carriers around the globe and their provisioning and whatnot.

Putting the same O2 sim into some older FP2, SMS get sent normal and fast. No 1minute delay. I guess that 1minute is some kind of fallback and FP3 is then itself reverting to those slower and older network type kind of things and mechanisms. I am not an expert at all about mobile stuff and SMS, but I actually had always thought that SMS was happening on the oldest and most basic 2G or even basic GSM layer or something. This is why I was also always wondering how certain carriers in countries talked or even did shut down 3G or even GSM, at least thats how they communicate this to the public and in the media.

So temporarily selecting a network type of anything but the newest LTE/4G is a work around here for me on this situation and combination of SIM, provider and FP3.


Was it the first or second SIM card slot?

In this thread, I read something about “Uninstalling stock apps” .Can we uninstall stock that much easily on fairphone? Most of smartphone require administrative privileges to do it? Are fairphone shipped with administrative privileges?

How to do this is described in this topic …

I tried to find that in the settings but couldn’t find it.

I had tried that qhen first trying to debug my SMS functions

So yeah… Just tried that, and it works ! Can’t believe it, I haven’t seen an SMS sending so fast for months. I just tried with “auto 2G/3G” and it works. “auto 2G/3G/4G” is as slow as ever. So basically as long as I don’t accept 4G network it works. However I use the 4G quite often and I’m not sure I’ll be able towork with 3G at best…

Do you guys think I should contact support with all this new info ?

Yes. It is the best thing to do when you have an issue.


Chances are that the FP3 is not totally compatible to the SMSC used by your carrier provider. Maybe carrier support knows that and sends some OTA info on request to make SMS work without delay.

Agreed, I will try that now that I feel I understand the issue better :smiley:

Well at least they couldn’t help me when I contacted their support service. The IT I had on the phone told me it seemed to be a network issue, but his only solution was to change phones :sweat_smile: As mentionned in my other post (Issues sending texts with default "Message" app) and in my earlier comment on this post, I’ve tried a lot of things and discussed that with my operator.

Sometimes it depends on how much the operator is skilled and trained. Some almost never get your point (and the solution), others know what you are talking about, then they say “just a second … done, please try again!” :wink:

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Using only single SIM phone experience here. Been testing those two SIM providers with FP3 with single SIM each only. Slot1 that is. Single provider during tests and usage.

Same telefonica/O2 SIM with some samsung galaxy S phone with android9 sends SMS (samsung SMS app though) without any delays and with high speed no matter if 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE.

for me also worked turn off “Erweiterter 4G LTE Modus”

Einstellungen -> Netzwerk & Internet -> Mobilfunknetz -> Erweitert

So i can use 4G for fast internet and SMS also send fast.

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