Software Update: FP5.TT3P.A.112.20231016

Today software version FP5.TT3P.A.112 was published.

Change log says:
“DC Dimming has been added as an option to the Display settings.
When enabled, this feature helps alleviate eye fatigue or headache for those that can see a flickering effect on the display while the brightness level is low.”

What is your experience until now? Especially is the AoD battery drain fixed?


I dont think so, as not mentioned. So as long as not mentioned I will not test AoD again.

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I do see a difference in backlight bleeding with DC dimming enabled. It seems like option does make the screen behave as it should, deep darkened blacks. But if that solves the battery drain remains to be seen.


With DC dimming enabled I lost 2-3% per hour in flight mode.

You have to share some more info than that :slight_smile: What else were you doing? What other features were enabled? How long was the test? Were the results consistent?

In any case, it’s probably better to post that in:

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Oh sorry, I thought that is clear. It was over night. Flight mode, no internet, no usage at all. (I don’t use the FP5 yet, wanted to wait for an AoD fix.)

Now I tested AoD with DC dimming off. Same battery drain, same (non existant) usage.

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EDIT: wrong thread, message moved to right place

Last successful check for update Oct 13.

I haven’t had a successful check for update since then.
I am in US, but was also in US on October 13

as FP5 is for EU yet, try contactsupport with question about OTA avaiability for Non-EU SIM’s

alternatively you can install latest full rom from november when unlock bootloader:

but for FP5 is only fastboot methot which wipe all data
BTW: in above link is at this time zip for previous month (v106), for latest(v112) look here

if this problem be longtime… maybe create thread where users can publish(i can if remember) monthly OTA “diff/patch” (official!) links, with it can be maybe doing montly offline/sideload update without data lost… similar as regular OTA online update (is same zip file ofcourse) this links can be simply grabed with “LogCat Reader” (app on phone) or “adb logcat” (on PC with usb cable) when OTA is found and downloaded on Phone…

As example this is v112 for installed v106 …

In general this always need have on phone previous system version, not possible install this small update with skipping, is differential update to previous version…

BTW: before some year i’m doing this in XDA thread with Nokia 7 Plus, as some users in some countries not have OTA notify, but with link i (or others) grab can be possible sideload without data lost, of course not sure if this work on FP5…

There is no regional limitation for this update, however, there are still a couple of exclusions based on the SIM card.

You should be able to receive the update normally, as long as you are not using one of the excluded operators (which are all European).

In general, we do not apply regional limitations to our updates, only specific carrier exclusions (when needed).


Since this updatemy FP5 won’t connect to my tomtom anymore.
Bluetooth connection worked fine. Now no connection.
Appp on fone says device is to far away (it is 5cm apart).

Thanks @FrancescoSalvatore . The update page suggests that there might be regional differences in rollout. And I have updated before from US.

Still, I haven’t had a successful check for update since October 13.

I have heard of other Androids having similar problems.

What does that mean? So what happens when you check manually? With or without Wifi?

When I go to System update, I see this screen

When I click on “Check for update”, I get this sctreen, whether wifi is on or off

Have you restarted the phone and tried without SIM?


Did you do something special on your phone? Install a firewall? Disable a service? Install some kind of “ad-blocker”? Did you try the update while connected to a wifi router? Maybe try while being connected to a different wifi network?

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The SIM was the trick.
I set “Use SIM” to off
And suddenly I can see
“System update available”
Download is possible even with SIM turned back on.

@FrancescoSalvatore The SIM which blocks system updates is from Consumer Cellular, MVNO of ATT. Thjs is an American SIM, not a European one, which appears to be blocked.
If you need further testing, I can provide it.


With this update my battery health is back to 100. I hope the behavior of this information will be more reliable in the future.

Before that update my phone used to have the VoWifi symbol in the bar on top, that has disappeared now. I can still recognize VoWifi being active in the phone app where the wifi symbol is shown in the telephone earphone symbol. Is this a correct behavior, is there a setting for this that I’ve overlooked?