Software update: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807

Hi everyone,

A new software update based on Android 12 is now available to Fairphone 4 users.

Software Version: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807
Security Patch Level: 5th of July, 2023
Update size (from previous version): 103.05 MB

List of changes:

Resolved issues

  • Ghost touches: an issue that causes the user interface to move or jump without touching the screen.

Other improvements

  • Call volume: we’ve added another step to the phone call volume range so that you can adjust at even lower volumes.
  • Quick Settings: you can now Enable or Disable the microphone and camera by swiping down the menu from the top of the screen.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: you can also enable the 5 GHz frequency via the Settings app.

If you have feedback or a question, post it below.


It’s great that some serious things are finally getting resolved and I sincerely thank you and the whole team for that. But the situation with the screen dimming and the proximity sensor issues is getting absolutely ridiculous. For many people, the phone has been absolutely unusable outdoors for the past few months. And if it gets swept under the rug like last year, then it will happen again next year. Can we get a definitive date on when this will be fixed? I’m seriously considering getting another phone because right now I can’t use the phone for navigation in my car. That’s how bad it is. So much for sustainability.

Even if it should be a janky soultion for the screen dimming like this or an option to completely disable the proximity sensor, it’s better than nothing.


The update went flawlessly.


See this post for some info on the fix for the screen dimming.


Oh, thanks for pointing it out, I missed that one. It’s disappointing that the fix won’t come until October because it won’t be of any help this summer. But at least we’ll get to see it. However, my question about the proximity sensor still stands. We’ve been experiencing that problem for a year and a half now.


Hi @anon64862762
can you update the installation iso files on
The ones linked here are still pointing to B.069


my download text reads size 103 MB not 5xx MB. bug in text somewhere?

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You are actually right, it was my mistake, I communicated to @anon64862762 the size of the update from 2 software versions ago (SP29.B.069) instead of the delta from the latest version (SP2G.B.079).

The actual size from the latest available software is: 103.05 MB (103051161 bytes)


Could you describe how the issue has been fixed? Can this be adopted into custom ROMs easily?


Updated with link to B.079. It will take a few more days for the (current) 086 package to be up.

Regarding the proximity sensor @Razem, I’m following up internally and will drop a message in the respective forum topic in the next few days.


Awesome! I’m also happy to see these bug fixes. More and more people in my social circle are interested in Fairphone. But I cannot lie to them, I of course tell about the great things like repairability and fair trade aspects of the phone. But I won’t sugarcoat the camera and microphone performance or the general quality of the updates since I got my FP4. I hope this bug fixing trend keeps continuing and updates don’t delay too often. Then I can finally stop acting like a grumpy guy all the time :nerd_face:


And guess what: The boot image is there when the OTA is rolled out! Respect! :man_bowing:


Hey @anon64862762
The Release date in this article is wrong:


Updated, but I still have the ghost inputs/touch… :frowning:

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Did you check out the hardware aspects which may cause the ghost Inputs?

whaaaat?! pls. tell me you’re kidding! :scream:

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Usual link to the for those that need it.

Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, same here. I’ve got the FP4 since almost launch. It’s the first time I have a phone that people ask about. But I cannot lie. The software quality is a massive turn-off.


More than the screen cable? Not that I know about :cold_face:

I wish, I have been waiting for this updated for a while now.