Calls are not working


I have also have this issue like Costin_Ioan_Cosoiu describes. I recived a new SIM card from my network provider hoping that solved the issue, sadly it doesnt even tho it works in another phone. For me i noticed this problem the 12th of may. What have been your solutions?

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I don’t know about @Costin_Ioan_Cosoiu and I would love for them to give an update.

However, I can tell you what’s my status. The problem persists. My last message to Fairphone support that I sent on 22nd of May received a reply on 5th of June, in which the support representative suggested I send the phone to their repair center in France. I still haven’t migrated to another phone since then, but I intend to send it at some point as I also have other issues with it.

Same problem - also noticed it in May, after update of OS. My provider DUKA uses the Danish TT-network (Telenor and Telias netvork).

SMS+ mobile data works and sometimes I can restart my phone to place a phonecall, but often it does not work anyway or stops working again shotrly therafter. When people call me I do not see the missed calls either (even when the connection is back). I have to accept that I have a phone that cannot perform phone calls?
I am going to contact Fairphone support as well…

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Thank you for your message. This is in line with what I experienced (the issue started occuring soon after update to Android 12). However, there was also a major change for me from my mobile operator (removing 3G). Does your mobile operator still support 2G and 3G?
Anyway, the customer support representative handling my issue wrote in the request to repair center that the update to Android 12 is suspected.

I have sent my phone to the repair center in France and received it back. I still have to migrate back to it, but cursory testing leads me to believe the issue is fixed!

I do not understand how they fixed it, however - the repair center summarized the issue using the request form with three new fields annotated:

Technical comment : DEI_CCD_AUDIO_CHARGE

I asked the Fairphone support several questions (including what the cause of the call issue was and how it got resolved, but also about the other issues I reported that were ignored and not repaired / looked into) and I will update this topic when I hear from them.

I noticed the same issue. Cannot receive or initiate calls, but SMS and data work as expected.

  • The same SIM card works fine in other phone.
  • A SIM card from other operator using the same network in FP4 shows the same issue.
  • A SIM card from other operator using other network works OK
  • The same SIM works fine in roaming (3G).

I also tried all possible combinations of WiFI / 4G network calling, APN changes, etc.
I don’t think it’s a 3G issue, although I did notice that Sim status shows “voice network type = 4G” and it seems to be staying at that. They also shut down 3G where I live, but 2G still lives, so calls shouldn’t be affected. Unless FP4 somehow doesn’t support the frequencies of the operator in question.

The issue was present in both DivestOS and CalyxOS I tried to flash.
I fixed the issue by flashing back the stock OS and then reflashed DivestOS. The calls now work. The support team did not yet answer.
Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:

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Hello, this recently became an issue for me as well. Since the start of this month I have been unable to receive or make calls of any kind. This even extends to receiving telegram calls unless I have the app open. Before that, the only issue I had regarding calls was that I was unable to use mobile internet during a call. Additionally touch input has become very unresponsive unless I use my thumb. The setting for increasing touch sensitivity has also disappeared, so I think it might be connected to that. SMS and mobile data work fine and there are no issues when putting the sim into an older phone

This is due to a modification introduced in FP4.SP2J.B.086 which attempts to parry, though only partially, a “ghost inputs” problem that had been making life very hard for certain users. I recommend you read both threads to gain a full understanding of the problem and Fairphone’s “solution” - which of course has affected all users, not just those who were experiencing ghost inputs. The second thread is very long, which underlines how critical this problem is. If you wish to discuss that problem, please do so in the appropriate thread, not here. Thanks :slight_smile:

… And welcome to the forum, by the way :smile:

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Update to my previous message with what I received from Fairphone customer support. For the record, I asked what it was specifically that the repair center has done with my phone.

Regarding your question about the software update performed at the repair center: Our technicians have access to special tools, that allow them to “flash” the device. It means that they update the device by completely re-installing the operating system.

This allows us to solve any issues that could come from a software configuration issue.

This isn’t an easy procedure for users & as you keep using the phone (e.g. installing new apps, installing alternative operating systems, etc.), it’s possible that configuration issues occur. Should this happen, we will of course be there to assist you.

I then asked if they expect this issue to reoccur, which would be significantly annoying as I rely on this phone, and was told that that’s not what they meant; also:

When you experience issues with your phone, we advise you to contact us first to see if you can solve the issue at home, with the tools you have available. When this isn’t possible or if a hardware issue is confirmed, then it’s best to send back the phone to our repair center for further diagnosis :blush:

So there. The repair process is opaque and they are unwilling to describe what happened with the phone. Therefore I recommend any person who thinks they have a similar issue to contact customer support and prepare for sending their phone to a repair center.

I am having the same problem as @hooded.individual .
I live in Greece using FP4. The carrier (NOVA GR) retired 3g support at around March and during the last month I am having issues with calls while SMS and 4G data work fine. Tested the SIM card on my previous phone and I could make calls fine.

VoLTE is activated and supposed to work?

Yes. And everything was working fine up to 2 months ago while the carrier retired 3G around 6 months ago.

3G is not LTE, so this is no hint, that VoLTE is working.

Carrier retired 3G around 6 months ago. Hence from 6 month up to 1-2 months ago when I started having problems I was calling people with the phone using 4G calling (as is the option called in my settings).

So something changed about six weeks ago. Either on your phone (an OS update?) or / and with your carrier.

I advise you to contact both of them, since problems like this may require adjustments on one side, or the other, or both.

What happens to your calls if you disable 4G calling?

Thank you for the suggestion. Disabling 4g calling still leaves me unable to make phonecalls.

I m not sure what I can do with the carrier. Moving the SIM card to another phone allows me to make phonecalls fine. It’s only when the SIM card in on the FP4 that I have a problem. What would I even tell them? Especially on a phone they don’t even sell.

P.S. I contacted Fairphone support but they still haven’t gotten back to me. But their ETA did say 5-6 working days and it’s only been 5 working days since so they aren’t late from the time-frame they gave me.

Whether they sell the phone or not, it should work on their network (unless they have a very weird contract and T&C that state otherwise :dizzy_face: ).

Just give them the straight facts. Typically there may be some adjustments that they, and / or Fairphone, need to make. Also tell them that you had no problems for four months after they withdrew 3G, and that your phone is 4G and 5G compatible and is supposed to work with all European operators.

Turn it back on then. That way, it’ll be available as soon as the carrier gets things sorted out.

There could be problem with the age of the SIM.
People have reported that a SIM working in another phone didn’t work in a Fairphone. And that replacing it with a new SIM solved the problem.


I enountered the same issue as the original poster after a fairphone update:

  • sms and mobile network was working
  • could not place or receive calls
    I tried a sim from different carrier, and it was working fine with my FP4. I also requested a new sim card from and it was behaving exactly the same.
    I also tried tried factory reset with no resolution.

What worked for me was to switch to an ESIM.


I have a problem with calls in the car after the update for a FP4. The phone put it on ‘‘silence mode’’ but thats not what i want. I would like to make calls in the car.

Do you have suggestions? Calling with whatsapp in de car is possible…