Software update: 3.A.0107.20210513

Hi everyone :sunflower:,

Our latest software update for Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ users is now available.

Software Version: 3.A.0107.20210513

Security Patch Level: 5th of June, 2021

List of changes:

  • Fixed a minor issue that was causing the flashlight not to respect the ON/OFF setting in the Camera app when the “Redeye reduction” feature was active.
  • The network compatibility for several carriers has been enhanced.

Please note:

Together with our partners, we test the software before its release, and in some instances where a software update might result in some problems for users on a specific network or in a specific country, we prefer to delay the software release for that specific customer base and fix all the potential issues before making the software available to everyone.

That means that depending on your network provider, some Fairphone 3 and 3+ users may receive this update later. Once the update is available you’ll receive a push notification to automatically update.


Already installing :slight_smile:


Yeap! Downloading now via EE in the UK
Thanks again
EDIT 1 Now installed let’s see how it is :-
EDIT 2 No obvious presents :slight_smile:

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Just installed the update. Love to see how quick security patches come out, especially when compared to monoliths like Samsung. Keep up the great work!


Hello, on sosh (orange) in France the previous update is still not available. Any clue why?


As this is just a forum for users you may try asking support@fairphone.com or sosh.

Das Update ist in Deutschland ĂĽber mobilcom-debitel (Vodafone) angekommen.
:heavy_check_mark: :+1:


Thanks for the update, it just arrived on my phone with a Vodafone Germany SIM too.


Update found and installed! (Vodafone Italy)
Anyway, during the last 2 weeks my FP3 suffered some random reboot …

[Edit] I have to notify a random reboot now with new update.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Got it too, Netherlands Vodafone. :slight_smile:

Any idea about the size? It doesn’t seem that big.
Oh wait…zzzz
30,09 MB is the size


Good evening,
Thank you for your post on the update and that it was released as soon as possible.
Unfortunately I was very suspicious about the update notification, because it is said to have a security patch level in the future: June 5th is one week to go… Is this possible? I initially thought this might be a mistake or even worse (like a malicious act)
Furthermore this update us not mentioned in the support page (Update FP3/FP3+ to the latest software – Support).
And the detailed update number “20210513” is not mentioned in the notification on my phone, too.
This all together made me suspicious…

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I did wonder also. It could be 5th May or maybe it means up to 5th June ??


Published May 3, 2021 | Updated May 4, 2021

The Android Security Bulletin contains details of security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. Security patch levels of 2021-05-05 or later address all of these issues.


I think secury patches are developed one month rolling, during May was prepared the build for the next month and so on. Normal routine in software house… but very appreciated that FP has an awesome support for its devices :slight_smile:

So… 5th of June is right :stuck_out_tongue:


Patch Level 5th of June, are you sure? My Pixel 5 has May 5 (and it is still May, btw) …

Best wishes,

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I guess it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume phone and/or OS vendors would get Google’s patches early to have time for testing. If Google themselves would release the patches to vendors exactly on the 1st and 5th of each month, and vendors could only begin testing then, the vendor patch level could only be updated rather late compared to Google devices. Nobody would want that.

This has been observed before.

@rae … can this be clarified?


Not sure that ties in with Pixel Update Bulletin—May 2021  |  Android Open Source Project as there the Google Pixel is on May 5th

Further in the docs it states the May update includes the April security patch.

May 2021 Coming soon Publish Date: May 3, 2021 | Security patch 2021-04-05

All a bit of a mystery

I did not believe that either. But I just checked it on a FP3 with the original FairphoneOS after the update:

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It could just be a matter of interpretation. The Android security update is May 3rd, released to Google Pixel users on May 5th and hence is the most recent until the next to be pushed on June 5th

Sure, we’ll only know for sure if Fairphone clarifies, but it’s not a secret that patches are available to manufacturers before the date of the security patch level (which in turn is not the date when it has been released).

If you are an Android Partner, you immediately have it a whole lot easier. Android partners are notified of all Android framework issues and Linux kernel issues at least 30 days before the bulletin is made public. Google provides patches for all issues for OEMs to merge and test, though vendor component patches are dependent on the vendor. Patches for the Android framework issues disclosed in the May 2019 security bulletin, for example, were provided to Android partners at least as early as March 20th, 2019*. That’s a lot of extra time.


Well in this instance it looks like Fairphone is ahead of the game :slight_smile:

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