Settings - how to get rid off "Customize Fairphone" & Extend calls with Wifi

As the titel says, any hints to get this system proposals away?

Hey Vowl,

It’s a known bug and can’t be removed for now, especially the “customise your Fairphone” one, which has already been discussed here.


Thank’s for the explanation. :+1:
Hoping updates will cover that huge list of bugs :hugs: :wink:

For me the workaround works well.


I had to apply this workaround twice. The suggestions came back at some point (maybe with the A.0045 update?). Clearing the data of the Settings Suggestions app again fixed it a second time.


Mobile data is off is another one of these annoying notifications. Used to be able to tell on top right, or by pulling down and checking the toggle. I guess its to anticipate for 5G, where its on 24/7.

Also, I retried calling with WiFi and it worked.

The workaround is also working for me.
Thanks for the tips. :v: :+1:

When I start the Settings icon on my display , first thing I can see are some advices what to do next, which I don´t need. Can I delete this ?

Hi heini, I’ve moved your post here. Please have a look at the post that is marked as solution.


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