FP3 3.A.0033, Android10 OS update, security patch level July 5th, 2020

@Mike: Thank you dir your hint. I installed it and Looks fine.

I notice the face ID is gone in Android 10.

I’d like to share my experience 1 day after update.
There is some battery drain after update, around 50% in 24 hours and now it seems it’s back to normal, but it was expected after major upgrade.
Dark mode is great and UI performance seems better overall especially with camera app faster startup. There is finally option for auto rotate to not rotate home screen.
I still have to test few issues with bluetooth and sound I had before upgrade if they are still present. There are few cosmetic bugs, but they will probably be resolved in next updates.
So far it looks and feels great!
Before upgrade I had “At the Glance” (Date and temperature) exactly at the same spot as it is now (top of the screen), so I only realized on forum posts it’s not movable now.


Due to the usual appearance and the lack of any warnings & instructions, I did install that “update / security patch” without noticing it’s an upgrade, so that it is not just performing few little changes but changes the whole system. Hence, I did not create a fresh, throughout backup before and wish I had done that :frowning:
=> Like Michael_Jahme, I’d definitely prefer to have a clear, prominent information that it’s not a simple update but an upgrade, ideally with a link to “preparation” (including making a backup) in https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048639271

Now , most of my contacts are invisible, i.e. all contacts saved locally on the device and not in the cloud. I was unable to find on the www how to turn them visible again, but only how to move cloud saved contacts to local or vice versa - which is not fitting my case. I recall I did several changes since the last backup, hence, I would strongly prefer not to restore it. Does anyone know to show these contacts again? Maybe by simply installing MyLocalAccount? Thank you, Georg

Hi @georg-d, please check


@Freeker47: Had the same problem and found the solution.

  • Settings
  • Apps & notifications
  • Search for the app “Settings Suggestions”
  • Disable the useless app (if possible)
  • Storage & cache (clear both)

Now it should no longer be visible.

Had it already disabled but needed to clear the storage and cache to get rid of the nag.


Same here, thanks for the hint!

The option to “Disable” is greyed out for me (Android 10). Only thing I can do is “force stop”. Why the heck does Google keep on adding these nuisances to the OS… grumbl

Select “Storage” in the app settings first, then the required actions become available.

Thanks for the suggestion. But this doesn’t work for me. (Difference in Android 10?) What do you mean with “Select Storage in the app settings first”? Are you referring to the “Storage & cache” option? I cleared both the “CLEAR STORAGE” and the “CLEAR CACHE” options, but the “DISABLE” button still is disabled.

For me, “Clear Storage” was all it took to remove the sticky notes at the top of the general Settings. “Disable” is greyed out for me, too.

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I can’t imagine you have a different version (Build number 8901.3.A.0033.20200815) of the OS, this is really strange.

I don’t think it’s related but I disabled this as well:

Ok, I see it now. The “suggestion” for me changed to a nag by Gmail to add more accounts. That is probably a different “Settings Suggestion” app …
This is exactly one of the reasons why I want to get away from Google and Android. They constantly try to be cleverer than the user…

I would change too if there is an alternative which can be seriously considered “as alternative”.

The Librem 5 and the Pinephone still need some love to be usable.

I just did the same and got the Gmail alert so I disabled it too and it has a nice and clean look now!

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Thanks for the tip! Actually, I faced the same problem where I couldn’t disable it via the UI but there is a ADB command for it (can’t remember it now) - this worked. However, I have two remarks:

  1. Simply clearing the cache or storage of that service doesn’t cut it. Initially, it caused the permanent “customize your phone” notification and after the app storage wipe of “Settings Suggestions” it showed “add another account” instead. So only disabling works (at least for me).
  2. Now that it’s disabled, it leaves a blank space at the top of the settings app. Not a big deal either but what annoys me is that when I have the “3 or 2 button navigation bar” active it starts to cut of the last entry in the settings list, which means it’s halfway hidden behind the navigation bar (and only when suggestions are disabled, otherwise it doesn’t). Seems as if the reserved space at the top expands when it’s disabled. Interestingly, when I switch to the guesture navigation it looks good. :man_shrugging: Anyone else observed that?

I can’t disable it, it’s greyed out. And clearing cache/data doesn’t work.

I tried disabling notifications as well, but also that does not work

I use the gesture navigation, but even the 3-button navigation it looks clean on the Settings menu.

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Eesh, I can’t deal with all the potential glitches that will follow an upgrade at the moment. Is it possible to get security updates without upgrading to 10?

No, I don’t think so.