FP3 3.A.0033, Android10 OS update, security patch level July 5th, 2020

The initial release of Android 10 for FP3 seems to be available now :slight_smile:

Security patch level: 5th of July, 2020
Android 10: Another big wave of innovation

Update size: 1.24 GB


Hmmm - doesn’t show up on my FP3. :thinking:

As rae wrote in another thread, not all FP3 users will get the update immediately…

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Try it again though. It wasn’t on mine but has just showed up a few minutes ago!

Android10 Upgrade - FP3 3.A.0033

just poped up:

is available for your Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+

Android10: another big wave of innovation

Security Patchlevel: 5th of July, 2020

Update size: 1.24 GB

fetched/checked via WiFi, without mobile data turned on.

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Successfully applied coming from Android9 June Update methinks. Via WiFi.

After reboot: New homescreen background.
Android10, Security Patch level July 5t, 2020
Google Play System update: May 1, 2020
Baseband version: 1-00026-8953_GEN-PACK-1.313408.1,1-00026-8953_GEN-PACK-1.313408.1
Kernel version: 4.9.218-perf+, #2 Sat Aug 15 04:40:22 CST 2020
Build number: 809.3.A.0033.20200815

Revisiting “my” anon-wifi unavailable in airplane mode bugged behavior from over here, apparently android10 upgrade from FP3 finally fixed this odd and annoying bug, yay at last!


always wondered how a company using android source code and platform/distribution can mess stuff up that badly that essential stuff gets borked. never ever heard about other android9 distributions/phones that wouldnt be able using unenc-wifi with airplane mode.

android10 with unenc-wifi while airplane-mode works again now! thanks!

Another update (benefit?) from this Android10 upgrade, is the sms hassle over here:

apparently this Android10 upgrade fixed the 1-minute-delay/timespan that a simple SMS needed to be getting sent out on LTE networks.

I am not absolutely sure right now, as this FP3 with Android10 July5 2020 level, doesnt show the mobile network type in its topmost bar atm, but the “phone info” technical details page shows LTE / LTE for data network type and voice network type atm.

Will regard this as fixed until I know more. SMS getting sent out speedly within a few seconds at the moment and the network cell here looks as if it were LTE/LTE. So fine with me I guess.

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I moved your posts here to avoid duplicate topics.
(It seems you were beaten by this topic here by 2 minutes :wink: .)

only methinks my thread and my posts were more extensive and referencing more details. whatever 2minutes and you made this decision. my ego hurts now. ;p. meh.

I just updated and found one visual annoyance: When opening the settings app, the top (right below the search box) displays a customization hint (“Customise your Fairphone - Try different styles, wallpapers and more”) which won’t go away. I click it, change the wallpaper, back out to the settings app and the “notification” closes then immediately expands again. Whenever I go back to the settings main screen it briefly collapses until it’s gone and then reappears again. Seems like a bug but don’t know how to fix it :frowning: Any ideas?


Is that new in Android 10? Haven’t seen this kind of information before…
Out of curiosity I tapped it which led to a screen that searched for updates and even found one. So now my Google Play System is at July 1, 2020. :wink:

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The DARK Mode is cool. But there is a new widget which im not able to delete… Google weather … Have you found a way to delete IT? If not I have to think about an extra launcher. The search bar was bad enough.


Have you tried another launcher? Recommending Nova Launcher.


wasnt even really aware that one could click certain lines of those information entries. it updated for me as well from may1 2020 google play system to july1 2020 google play system update. 6.3kbytes in size and it wanted to reboot the whole phone, which it eventually did. dont see any differences after the reboot.

Updated yesterday, all is OK and working fine!

That update message should be more clear: it is an android upgrade. Not update. I was wondering about the large filesize but didn’t think about it further… and I only noticed “security patch”… so I did run it.

It updated successfully.
And it did look a bit different, so that was the first moment that I noticed it was an Upgrade.

Problems so far: can’t determine the meaning of some symbols in status bar.
And: Unstable WiFi connection since I upgraded. I don’t know how to determine if it is related to that upgrade.
But every few minutes there seems to be no connection, while wifi symbol is still active. Then I switch FP wifi off and on again for reconnecting … and it works for a couple of minutes… then problem repeats

(Edit: I created a separate topic about the network issues I have)
(Edit: I didn’t notice about the message saying “android 10” for two reasons.
First I am not so much aware about android version numbers.
Second and more important: I was distracted by the Info “…and Fairphone 3+” … “WHAA? There is a FP3+ version? What’s different? Is it cool stuff? Is it something which I probably just could upgrade by exchanging a part? If it would make sense of course…”)

It makes me think sometimes … If we just had a kind of information network which had all the info of the world available, and we could give it a keyword or several keywords, and it would instantly give us all the info it has depending on those keywords we give it, and then if we could access that network any time we want (meeting technical requirements for this, of course), this would actually be pretty cool and would help a lot. If there only was such a thing. Utopia. :wink:


Same phone with 2 new camera modules (that you can buy for you Fairphone 3), new speaker, the back cover is now black and it is made of a bit more recycled stuff than FP3.

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Several topics are already dedicated to the FP3+, this one is about the Android upgrade… You can also find the information on the Fairphone website.