After Android 10 upgrade unremovable "Customise your Fairphone" banner on "Settings"

After upgrading to Android 10 (Thanks for the upgrade!), the Settings screen is displaying this “Customise your Fairphone” banner and I cannot remove it, even after customising my phone. I think this banner is totally useless and it is actually annoying now that I cannot remove it. Is there a way to get rid of it?


Yeah, that was slightly annoying me too. I found the ‘Settings Suggestions’ app and was able to clear the storage and cache, but unable to disable it completely. I now have a suggestion to ‘Add another email account’ in place of the annoying customisation nag. Ah well…


Disable Gmail and the new suggestion disappears too!


True… But then I can’t check my email :thinking:

Ha I thought it was asking you to add a mail because it wasnt in use! What if you add the current one your using back in again does it go away then?

I did add another address to try, but it is still there suggesting that I add yet another :roll_eyes:

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Actually did just that, and guess what, the nag disappears too. I’m moving away from Google services anyway, so no biggy. But annoying for people who do still use Gmail and don’t have a second account and prefer a clean ui…

Do you have a Gmail account added? All of mine are non-Gmail so I wonder if that is what it is…

I have no Gmail Accounts either and use K-9 Mail to read/write emails.

I dont use Gmail at all. Its why I could disable it. My phone is not currently connected to my mail and I have no other mail app installed.

Yeah, I can’t get rid of this one either and I also am already using Gmail…:roll_eyes:

The proposed solution in post 2 is incomplete and should be unmarked as a solution…


Hi Johan,

please report this to Fairphone’s support. This is just a community forum.

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I now see ‘Extend calls with Wi-Fi’ and ‘Customize your Fairphone’ notifications again, although I managed to get rid of an ‘Emergency information’ reminder by adding emergency information…

At least the Gmail one has gone away for the time being.

It’s weird. As it feels someone else is managing these “reminders”. I got the Wi-Fi calling one too and when I enabled it, the notification disappeared, as expected. But guess what, the Wi-Fi calling has disappeared by itself after a couple of days. Tried restarting the phone, but no more sign of wifi calling to be found. This is really frustrating. Is it the mobile network provider who is disabling it behind my BACK? I really dislike how we don’t seem to be in control of our devices. Sorry for hijacking this thread. Tested in airplane mode with wifi on and the wifi calling is actually working. It’s just not showing up in settings any longer.

Yes, it seems to re-appear after some time, thank you all-spying Google for this useless suggestions.

I have the same problem too and confirm that now it is asking me to add another email account.

These settings suggestions are always irrelevant to me too :unamused: Here is the workaround I found. (You should be comfortable using a command line probably):

  1. The package name of the Settings Suggestions is com.android.settings.intelligence

  2. Using this guide from XDA, I was able to uninstall the system app:
    How to Uninstall Carrier/OEM Bloatware Without Root Access
    Note from the guide: Even if you uninstall a system application using this method, you can still receive official OTA updates from your carrier or OEM.

  3. The result is that the suggestions are gone, but the bar for nightmode and muting etc. is still there: :tada:


Right, the bar is still there, but there is also a big empty space on top. And all the menus moved a bit down, so the last entry is half hidden on the bottom.

So this workaround removes the settings suggestions, but introduced a not-so-good visual appearance of the menu. Anybody else experience the same?