Screws and reparability of Fairphones

How is it possible that Fairphone’s customer service is not able to answer questions about the Phillips screws used?
This is the simplest spare part of all and it is not offered in the shop. Questions about the exact specification of these screws are regularly answered inaccurately. I then get references to the screwdriver (with all the dimensions), which Fairphone supplies anyway.

By the way, at iFixit there is a screwdriver for Fairphone devices, which is also not the same as the one from Fairphone and they can’t offer screws either. iFixit, however, would like to know more about it, as they confirmed to me. How is the communication there?

I’m beginning to suspect that something is being obstructed here.

There are already more calls for help in the community because of these screws.
Apart from the fact that you often can’t get them out, it could be that some get lost. In that case, the perfect completion of a repair is prevented. I have a different idea of reparability. And of course I also wonder about the material quality of the screws used.

I was also told in a repair shop that removing a worn-out screw with a special tool fails because the frame yields too much under increased pressure.


There is a long thread here in the community about screws and sometimes the support send some of them for free if asked politely.

Which Fairphone model are you referring to by the way?


What’s known so far:


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