Screen glass type

as in object: I’m wondering:
the screen of my FP3 is a gorilla 3 (like my Nokia phone) (it hasn’t had any scratches for three years) or is it more scratcheable?)
I’ve seen that there is some screen protector, do you think I need it? and if yes, wich one?



Please have a look at the following discussions about the screen protectors, it may help you get an idea:
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Just for clarification

Nope, FP3 is Gorilla 5 (see tech specs), which is a step up from Gorilla 3*

I guess I have to correct myself here.
The glasses 3 and 5 seem to have different specs serving different purposes; though they are said to be perfect for electronic devices both.
While it seems the 3 is more resistant against chemicals and pressure, the 5 seems to be more resistant against drops (i.e. being dropped).
For those, that can read such tech specs, here they are (PDF-files; linked on the pages above as well):


I don’t know what glass it was supposed to be, but my FP3+ has already got glass damage on multiple occasions when fallen from very moderate height of 0.2-0.8 m. I chose this phone not least because of the promise of the installed Gorilla Glass 5 being resistant to drops. So far, the item I have got shows very poor performance in this respect. I am now forced to look for a screen protector (and no, I neither need any light filtering nor polarizing), and for a protective case (the default ones aren’t good, there is another topic about the green one)…

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Sad to hear, that you had such bad luck.
No phone-glas is break-proof of course. It always depends on how the phone lands on the ground. Does it hit a corner, where the impact hits a weak spot and is concentrated on one point or does it fall flat on the floor, where the impact energy is distributed over the whole surface.
I had this with my FP2, that I dropped a few times from really greater heights of more than 1 m without even a scratch . Until one day it fell flat on the ground from just 40 cm and hit a tiny stone. That impact energy focused on a tiny spot was too much.

You could look for a bumper, that was delivered with the FP3. Some of those might have ended up in the drawer, when a protective cover was purchased. They already have been traded here on the forum marketplace.
The bumper is not exactly stylish, but it serves it’s purpose quite well.

You will find various protective foils on amazon, ebay and the like, that should fit the FP3/3+; without any kind of filter etc.

Just one clarification about the protective covers, as you are referencing the topic about the green one: The complaint in that thread and the failure of the cover is the draining of the color. That’s a valid point, but just a “cosmetical” one. Regarding the protection, I haven’t read any complaint.
This is meant for others reading this thread.
The protective cover is really protective. The green color washes out as it seems. The black color on the other hand seems to stay as is; at least there has been noone complaining in this forum.


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