Screen backlight not functional - water - black screen

Due to my own stupidity, my phone is currently only usable if a bright flashlight is pointed at the screen. This seems to have to do with a non-functional backlight of the screen. as far as i can tell the rest of the phone behaves normally.
QUESTION: as i dont understand the exact technology of screens in general: where might the origin of this backlight problem lie? I would love to be able to locate the problem as i very much wish to not need to buy a new display module resulting in a) not solving the problem because it has to do with the core or b) buying one, solving the problem but having spent 90 € which i could have saved by somehow repairing the issue differently

I think you might not have much luck with a repair or repair advice here, but if you find a Fairphone Angel nearby, you might (not every Fairphone Angel might have a FP3 display for testing, but it’s worth a try) at least be able to test with another display module if that would solve the problem in complete:


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