Sailfish OS updates + feature tests

Installed Sailfish OS alpha5 using Install SailfishOS for fp2

What works for me

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network (4G)
  • flash (new camera module)
  • front + back camera (new camera modules)
  • automatic screen rotation
    • I needed a reboot once when it wasn’t working
  • USB connection to PC / MTP
    • changing to correct physical keyboard from the settings works
  • bluetooth (in settings, swipe down to search for devices)
    • audio speaker: MusicMan BT-X2
  • location (GPS)
    • can take quite long, so don’t give up
  • alarm
  • screenshot (press + hold Vol-up and Vol-down)
  • external sd card
  • store
  • contacts app
  • calendar apps
  • gallery app
  • email app
  • media app
  • terminal app
  • notes app
  • calculator app
  • weather app
  • file manager app (“File Browser” from store)
  • setting up a CalDAV/CardDAV account
    • owncloud server with self-signed certificate
  • ssh connections (via developer tools)

What doesn’t work for me

  • power off (like with LineageOS, poweroff reboots; workaround: poweroff from recovery)

Didn’t try so far

  • External monitor via WiFi direct (with a Samsung BD-J5500 Blu-Ray player)

I would be interested in more information about those parts that didn’t work. It’s known that GPS lock might take some time depending on conditions (also there is a way to configure AGPS servers which I haven’t included in the build yet, I’ll test those before next release). DId you have online location service on, it should make lock quicker by getting an initial location based on cell towers. Screen rotation should work, how did you try that?

About the rotation: I simply turned the phone. On the start screen, app list, inside some of the pre-installed apps.

Where is it supposed to work?

Screen rotation works in for example messages app and browser.

Tried both and also playing a landscape video in the gallery app. But screen doesn’t rotate.

Try rebooting, if that doesn’t help we need to debug why it fails.

Rebooting did the trick, thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll need to see if there are some rare timing issues with sensors, FP2 port had those before and the hack I added to fix the issue has worked well for many releases now so it must be very rare.

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GPSinfo or Messwerk sensor testing app are good for GPS testing because you can see for example how many satellites are visible.

I might try this tomorrow.

One more observation: just like with LineageOS, powering off only reboots. Same workaround: rebooting into TWRP and powering off from there.

I haven’t had any issues powering off my devices. Maybe try flashing also the other partitions (EXCEPT modem and boot partitions) from 18.02 manual installation zip.

BTW, when I add an Account in the email app, will that use IMAP or POP3? It seems to be the latter, because I still see mails I deleted on the server yesterday.

Installed GPSinfo, enabled location and simply waited. At some point the position was found. So, works, too, and initial post is updated. Thanks again :wink:

Right, i’m also having issue with GPS from time to time, running GPSinfo helps a lot !

In the meantime I’ve set up my owncloud server in the account settings. So I can also confirm that works as well (calendar + contacts) :slight_smile:

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Updated to alpha6 using the OTA instructions at

System looks fine but I don’t have enough time to do a full feature test now. But I’m gonna show the system at the Hamburg meetup next week’s Wednesday.


I flashed Sailfish from recovery mode. Everything went smooth. It’s an awesome OS.

But I have 2 issues:

  • Keyboard prediction, dictionary etc. I have Spanish, English and Italian keyboard, but prediction line is empty.

  • And… when I shutdown phone, simply reboots. And I don’t know how to reboot phone in recovery mode from Sailfish (I remove battery, but must be a more intelligent way…).

On the other side, battery consumption is now a little bigger than in android. But I think I must learn to use better the OS: smarter use, less battery consumption, I hope…

There is a way to get keyboard prediction with Presage keyboards from user sailfish_keyboard at OpenRepos (you can use the StoreMan app manager for finding what is available there So far those keyboards are available only for some languages but the maintainers are welcoming contributions for new languages.

As for the shutdown issues, as far as I know that problem occurs also in Android when using the new camera modules (if someone has more information or possible fix let me know).

How bad is the battery life? Did you remember to flash the correct old modem partition for Sailfish OS use? Using wrong modem partition will cause a very bad battery life.

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Thank you! Keyboard Presage English is good. And I wait for Spanish and Italian.

Battery drain: the problem was old modem partition. I have fixed it with the indications. Thanks!

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