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With the reordering of the categories we decided to archive some old categories and topics that were super old. Every now and then you might still find a link that directs to one of these topics though. You’ll see something like “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” then.
Please report this here so we can redirect the link to a more recent topic or un-archive the linked post if it contains important info that is still relevant.

(Should I wait for Android 7 before buying FP2?)
(Galileo Support on FP2 via SW or HW upgrade?)

And when a post was cited in a different topic, it was given with a link to the corresponding category beside the topic title … perhaps the now dead links could be changed automatically across the forum.
Example: Ear presses icons (the red/white “FP2 Help” link is dead)


I manually edited these two links in your posts for now, but the admins are currently looking into a way to redirect all direct links to old categories.

This is probably possible too I guess. Mods can simply use the so called “rebuild html” button to update the appearance of such links post by post, but admins can probably do that as a batch action.

PS: So link issues caused by the new categories structure should be fixable in batches and they don’t all have to be reported here. This should be more about links to topics that lead nowhere. But thanks @AnotherElk for pointing these issues out in the first place. :slight_smile:

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It links to a quite old german tutorial for rooting fpos (Android 5). But I think it’s more or less still valid? What do you think - should it be reactivated?

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Good idea. I moved it to #help:guides, but buried it way down in the list so nobody would think it’s up to date.

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leider darf ich dort nicht zugreifen.
“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Der Post ist noch für Android 5 und wurde seit dem nicht mehr aktualisiert, daher wurde er ins Archiv verschoben.
Ich glaub es macht mehr Sinn für Android 7 einen neuen Guide zu schreiben statt den alten wieder zu beleben…
Ich hab ihn jetzt doch verschoben, nachdem wir das gleiche mit dem Englischen Guide gemacht haben. Der Link sollte jetzt wieder funktionieren.

so I need to rewrite all links? should be rewritten to:

This means all links will be changed…but I do not see a category for which means it will be difficult to rewrite all links

Ah wait…I need to rewriter it to tags…hmmmsk

I have huge problems with the proximity sensor battery drain. They seem to be solved in lineage 15.1, but Oreo intentionally breaks twilight, other night lights and overlay apps covering the notification bar in general, so the phone becomes unusable for me in the evening.

Lineage 14.1 is said to have solved the issue too, but it’s not officially available for download.

Now I have installed fariphone open os again and want to try the method, but I don’t understand why it doesnt flash the zip for me. And I cant even read the whole thread, nor ask that user to send me their update packe, like they offered.

Further, I find it irrational that any topics at all are hidden from forum users as the knowledge in there isnt the property of the mods, but of the users. Further, mods have thought they can judge how all topics will be useful for users, yet only locate the still relevant solution after being told by a user two times to actually read the thread, that is to this day still withhold from users despite a working solution to an, in case that it occurs, extremely severe bug. (Battery drain from proximity sensor still not solved!)

This is a bug report for Android 5 and it hasn’t been reported since, so I doubt there is any info there that helps you.

If you believe you encounter a bug involving the proximity sensor then report it in the bugtracker.
According to this post it has been reported for Android 6 here, where you can see it once the bugtracker is up again.

I’ll answer the rest in your other topic. In the future please don’t post the same stuff in more than one topic.

I have linked another thread from octobre 2018, so way past 5.1 times, where a user has the proximity sensor issue. Moreover, I just said I too very likely have this issue. Please stop patronizing me and just let me read this thread.

I’m not going to move a topic from 2016 out of the archive just to show you that there is not much info there. It’s summarized in the topic you linked and there is also one specifically about LOS:

You can also try all available modem files from modemfiles until you find one that works.

I have a lot of broken links to the avatar pictures, like
First I thought: cool avatar, but I seems to be a real problem…

I can see for ex. the avatar of “paula” one post above, but not the avatar of “looking4fairphone2” 2 posts above!

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Yeah, we are aware. All auto-generated avatars on all discourse fora are concerned. On the F-Droid forum it was already fixed and the same fix should work here, but we haven’t heard back from our admins yet.


At least for me, it seems!

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