Problems with my new fairphone 3+

Hello, I have problems with my new FairPhone 3+. I can’t take pictures nor screenshots, it’s says that the storage space is full but I check and there is nothing in it (I just bought it) . Moreover, few apps aren’t working like Google Chrome and Messenger. It says " (chrome or messenger) systematically stopped". I am considering sending it back or getting a repay… Does someone have any idea why it doesn’t work ? Thank you for you reply

And I have been reseting it for the second time

Are you using an SD card, and if you are, have you set it as removable storage or as internal storage?


Hello, I have a SD card and I have set it as internal storage.

It’s possible that this is the source of your problems. The internal storage option seems to be a function within Android that they never got to work quite right, so it ends up causing more problems than it solves - at least that’s been our experience here on the forum.

Can you try backing up the data on the card (if necessary), reformatting it as removable storage, and then see if the problem goes away?


I have already done it. It doesn’t change anything.


In that case, especially seeing as the phone is new, I recommend contacting customer service. You may have a defective phone and this definitely sounds like something covered by warranty.


Was that a factory reset?
I suggest you do a factory reset without the SD card, I’m pretty sure support@fairphone will ask you to do that. Ensure then you also have the latest update A10 0101, Fairphone will also ask you to check that.

Then see if you can save images.

Also you will find many topics on the subject and you may want to clarify your problem by editing the title :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll do that. Thank you for your reply.


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