Problems after updating android 9 and 10 and screen problems

I have had an FP2 for 6 years. Since the update to android 9 it reboots randomly. It happens almost every night when it is charging and 2 or 3 times a day randomly whether I am using it or not. With the update to android 10 it has not improved. I have done 2 resets to factory values without improving either.
Also, one area of the screen is not working properly, so I am unable to type some letters/numbers on the keyboard. would this be solved with a change of screen?
It is appreciated that 6 years after buying the phone (7 after its launch) we still have software updates from Fairphone, but I don’t know if the time has come for me to change it.
Is it worth making the screen change? Or is it better not to spend any more efforts and money on this phone and buy a new FP?

I’ve had the same problem with the screen (I had to hold my phone in horizontal mode to type some letters…) and I fixed it with a second-hand screen. Maybe you could try that instead of buying a new one.
I also have some reboots, though not as much as you. But some apps freeze sometimes. I have tried different OS and with some, the apps freeze for less than 1 minute, while with others the phone restarts. If you have some spare time, you can try to use Lineage or /e/ or Fairphone Open OS to see if there is a difference.

If you can live with some reboots and if you find a second-hand screen, it might be worth trying to keep your phone.


Thank you for your answer. I’ll try changing the screen, I was wondering just in case that wasn’t the problem, but what you’re saying is the same thing that happens to me. The truth is that although I love the FP4 I would like to exhaust the useful life of my FP2. On the other hand, I would like to change the OS and try what you say, do android applications work on these OS? Thank you very much again Greetings

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Most android apps work on the OS I listed, which are Android OS. It’s just that they try to de-google Android. So you won’t have Google apps and services by default on these OS. You can either add a light version of Google on top of these OS, or try without. That’s what I have been doing for years. I use Open Source apps from F-droid. There is also an option to install apps from the play store. Most of them work, but some may be trickier to install.
The easiest way to install and configure a new OS, according to me, is to choose either lineageOS for microg or /e/. Microg offers components to help you use Google apps or services without sending to much info to Google and without draining the battery.

As you have performed factory resets in a recent past, I guess that you still have a good back-up so I would suggest you to play around with other OS to see if there is a difference with the reboots. It would be a good way to get to know these alternate OS better so you can install the one you like the most when you buy your FP4!


Thank you very much again Chrisse. I’ll try what you say. I was afraid of not being able to use some applications. The truth is that even now I try to use google services as little as possible and install as much as possible with F-droid. I have also seen that there are other alternative application stores such as the Aurora store so as not to depend on the google app store. Greetings

Yes this can indeed happen, especially e.g. with banking Apps. And even if a GSF dependent app works today, does not mean it will work forever.

And just one comment: when you install a system with microG integrated, I dont think its a good idea to install GApps in addition. MicroG substitutes some Google functions and both together would Interfere. So in case you feel you need minimal GApps, you would need to install a system without microG like Lineage OS and then you can install minimal GApps package to have Google Play Services.


On my FP2 I use FP Open OS from the start and have similar problems : random reboots,
crashing apps e.g. the DuckduckGO-browser.
So sad to say but making a change to FP Open OS probably won’t solve your problem.

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Thanks for the answer, it seems that changing OS is not so easy. I would like to be independent from google, but I don’t know if I could be, I suppose that until I experience what it means I won’t be able to see it, so it may be a good idea to try a Lineage OS as you say in case I have to install google services later . Thank you very much again. Greetings.

Wow, sorry to read this. Thank you so much for sharing it. It seems to me that my FP2 is nearing its end. I am also concerned that after a few reboots it does not recognize the microSD card. But this may just be from the card. Regarding the micorSD cards, although I have not had a problem updating the OS, in my wife’s FP2, it does not recognize the FP2 card, the previous updates had no problem but with the last one to android 10 yes. Thanks again. Greetings

Should the SD card be fromatted as internal, this can cause many issues and especially with Android 10 its recommended to format external. Overall reboots can have many reasons as well and while one might have none with one system Version someone else might have tremendous issues. I think it all depends as well on the Apps etc used.


Thank you again. It was formatted as internal, yes… I’ll keep in mind what you say and format it as external. Thanks. Greetings

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Regarding your screen problems – you can check its touch-sensitivity properly here:
Settings > System > Maintenance > Checkup > Free Drawing

This is most likely a hardware issue. Have you already been able to test it with a second FP2 display module?


about the random reboots you could check this thread. Fault battery contact is a frequent issue.

Third phone, third time random reboots

Best peace

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I have the same several-reboots-a-day issue with my FP2 and I went through all the recommended steps, had a lengthy correspondence with a very attentive person from FP Support, tried resets, installing apps one by one and in different orders, etc. In the end I’ve just come to the conclusion that my phone is no longer fully functional and given the choice between a quite expensive service and replacement of the core module and a somewhat more expensive purchase of a new phone, I’ve opted for the latter. I’m sorry to give up on my FP2, but I look forward to the FP4 experience (and of course I am returning my FP2 for recycling).


The random reboots (FP2) are familiar to me as well, sad enough. Reboots while charging are common, almost daily reboots without any hard tasks too. Started with Android 9, stayed with Android 10. I don’t thing battery contacts are an issue with my phone. I replaced the battery some time ago, contacts were impeccable. The coincidence with updating the OS also points to a different cause.

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I agree with you. Nothing related to the battery on my FP2 either. It could be a problem with some phones, but on mine too the reboots occur often when the phone is lying on a table and is not used.

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Hello. Thank you for the answer. I just tested and there is a vertical stripe in the center of the screen where it doesn’t respond well. If I draw diagonals, in that area the stroke becomes horizontal. I have tried to remove and put the screen back in case there is a contact problem but it is still the same. So I’ll try a new screen. Thank you!!

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Thanks for the reply, this sounds a lot like what happens to me with reboots.

Thanks for the reply, this sounds a lot like what happens to me with reboots. It started when I updated to android 9.

Thanks for sharing. It seems that I have to decide between keeping my FP2 by buying a new screen with random reboots or buying a new FP4… I’ll consider pros and cons.