Third phone, third time random reboots

Hey there,

i’m stuck with a question and would like to know what you think about it.

I got my first FP2 for Christmas last year, well it arrived in February, and now I’ve got the third (replacement) phone with random reboots. For my part it was never possible to use it the way it was sold for.

For now, my Moto G 4G is still working with the latest CM…but i need two sim cards…and its getting annoying to copy the whole data and reinstall all apps…settings…

I’m am…let’s say…exhausted even if the support replaced the phones fast and friendly…
How long long should someone wait for a working phone, how many replacements?

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Have you tried to rule out other reasons for the random reboots? Maybe it is caused by some app and not by the phone itself.

You could also consider switching to Fairphone Open OS and see if that changes anything.

I’m running Open OS now and hoped for a change, but it’s the same.
For me it looks more like the phone does not like to be used with two sim cards, the wifi turned on and the gps activated. But that should not be a problem…normal use…in my opinion.

Same apps, same use (with one simcard) with my Moto G, no problem.

My random reboots disapered when I avoid the use of 4G. I would recommend that.

Thanks for the idea but you recommend not to use the phone in a way it was build and advertised for, i paid for and bought it to use 4G…the 4G network is the one with the best coverage in my area…

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No it should not, and basically is not. I never had problems with these settings, also not with 4G activated. Did you use any backups when setting up the device again? I could imagine, as @Stefan suggested, that it could be caused by a certain app.
Though, also not completely impossible that you really have such an incredible bad luck to get 3 faulty devices in a row :confused:

I did fresh installations, to avoid any chance to “copy” my problem.
Apps are:
OpenOS preinstalled apps and

  • AdAway
  • aLogcat ROOT
  • ChatSecure
  • ChatSecureVoicePlugin
  • F-Droid
  • Ghost Commander
  • IceCatMobile
  • OpenVPN for Android
  • OsmAnd~
  • OpenWnn (Don’t know that one…)

You think, maybe i should give it a last try…?

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[quote=“chief_cook, post:3, topic:23829, full:true”]
I’m running Open OS now and hoped for a change, but it’s the same.
For me it looks more like the phone does not like to be used with two sim cards, the wifi turned on and the gps activated. But that should not be a problem…normal use…in my opinion.[/quote]

That is what I think of it - this assumption.may not meet reality
Meanwhile I am using the latest FP OS 1.8.1 and have two sim cards plus a 128GB sd card right from the start after I have received my phone in February. Also using every available sim network setting and also GPS + Wifi never caused a single problem no matter which FP OS version was installed.
The phone works reliable for me since quite some time now, but I keep it non-rooted.
I tend to promise you, it is not the phone.

You seriously got three?
I cannot think of any other manufacturer doing something generous like this when a customer reports troubles with a product.
But still it did not help.

I think by now it is time to try something different at this point.
To me it rather looks like a bad app combination causing negative interference or just a single app with faults or maybe compatibility troubles. Such things may happen although it is stated the app would work with whatever OS version. You can read this in many reviews. For some users it may work, others have troubles.

Not sure if your phone is rooted because of “aLogcat ROOT”, but if so try to use it non-rooted for some time and get your apps installed approximately step by step and not all in a row and give the phone some time of using to see if it operates reliable.
Going through the same procedure over and over again switching phones does not bear the chance to get this issue fixed. Try to use the “elimination” method, also operate the phone without sim card for some hours. Just try different approaches as you do not know for sure what´s the cause.

If you honestly believe it is a general phone issue, how about telling the support exactly what you are doing. They may be glad to pick out a random phone and do the same to maybe track down a never before revealed problem.

I hope I could deliver an idea that brings you closer to the solution. Good luck anyway.

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Hm, well could be a solution if no high-speed data transfer is required…but this also does not sound like the cause as I am using 4G at any time without troubles.

Not it but you. Try to follow my advice and change your procedure.

Hi everybody, it is better to write one single post with @user references to talk to various people, rather than writing multiple posts in response to them.

The strategy would then be to read all posts to the end and afterwards start responding. It avoids content that has already been said and helps to keep your thoughts concentrated rather then spread about various posts.

Hey guys,

I am not owning an FP2, but a colleague of mine does. He demonstrated once that he can cause reboots by clapping the phone with his hand. To me this looks like a loose/unreliable power contact rather than a software issue. Maybe it’s just the battery not sitting tight in the case? For some reason I haven’t heard about this trouble with FP1 (at least another colleague of mine using FP1 does not have this issue).
You could try to narrow this down by avoiding shocks to the phone (i.e. having it stay put on a table?) and observe whether it’s rebooting as usual. The next step then would be to identify the loose component, which might be much more nasty.

EDIT: Sorry, as this was discussed multiple times already in this forum, I guess you already ruled this out. Didnt want to duplicate.

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Yes, it’s the battery. A workaround is to stick paper with adhesive tape at the bottom of the battery so that the battery sits tight and is pressed against the contacts.

I don’t think, that is a mechanical problem. My phone takes reboots during the night, when nobody touch it. Or, when it is lying beside me in the car and it change the location. I think that is a problem of OpenOS. With every new update my phone reboots on other way. Hard time was in summer, when I had to replace the battery to re- switch on the phone or it got close during a call. I have 7 Apps on my phone, I think that is a little. I’m sad that since I got my phone I cant use it like a normal smartphone. For example really bad is using GPS an internet. A colleague says me, that it is for him a toy. Thats a expensive toy. But till now a have not loose the hope, that some day a new update can solve this instability.

Well, if you have tried the potential workarounds here and nothing helped, I would contact support to deal with it under warranty. It is not a normal behavior for a phone to permanently reboot. So if you can exclude it is caused by your usage/apps etc. it got to be some malfunction or defect.

To rule out third-party apps, you should use your phone in safe mode for a while.

@paulakreuzer Maybe this should be part of the workarounds/troubleshooting.


Good Point. Done. With the link to the official support article. :slight_smile:


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I have a question about the replacement procedure. Since you have quite some experience I figured I could ask you. I hope that’s okay with you. :slight_smile: How long did it take before you had the new replacement in your hands? Did you have to send in your old phone before you got the new one?
I am asking because I am about to get mine replaced, but I don’t have any functioning phone lying around which I could use in the mean time. So I am curios. Thanks if you can find the time to answer my questions.

ps. how are you doing with your replacement? did it work out finally?

All good…

1.You have to create a Retoure ticket, Fairphone has to approve it
2. Send the phone back via DHL Retoure
3. They’ll check if the phone is damaged by you or if they have to replace it
3. If they have to replace it, they send you a phone within a week.

The check of the phone was done within a week too. So all together about 2 Weeks…

I’m still in discussion with the support because we have a slightly different understanding of the warranty, replacement und refund in the Netherlands :slight_smile:

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