Pokémon Go not allowing AR on FP5 and FP4

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Camera clearly works

VR Clerly works this was a Xbox Game Capture of my gameplay Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

I just can’t catch a break lately when it comes to the FarePhone. First it was the phone becomes unresponsive during usual warm weather, then I bent the USB port and currently can’t get a replacement, and now I can’t use a feature saying it’s not compatible with the the farephone products itself. Why is it now saying Augmented Reality is not recognized when the camera is working just fine via camera app. This isn’t a problem when I Play anything VR Related. But AR seems to be broken on both systems as of the most recent update. Anyone who can help would be appreciated thanks.
FarePhone build info for the FP5:
FarePhone build info for the FP4:
FP4. TP29. C.0101.20240121
As of the time of this post.

Google needs to explicitly approve AR on all phone models. FP has announced earlier that they will not apply for this certification for FP4.


I must be missing a lot of finer details but to me that seems there is still too much of an integration with google.

I can’t be sure of course but if one was to download said app with the app lunge of /e/os would it then also be flagged as incompatible?

case in point is that we all, not only the creators of new and great OSs should be looking to break free from the clutches of evil .cough cough I meant google.

Funny how this was working just fine til I updated the os that was already on Android 13 to the latest patch. I wonder what happened. Could you possibly tell me why this happened in your own words. I get it. Google wants everything to go through them. That’s kinda why I’ve been waiting for Graphine OS to be compatible with the farephone brand. I don’t like relying on the Google API. But I was laughed out of another thread talking about it. So I deleted those comments and not said another word about it. But I think you being a moderater would understand my point of view. Would you be kind and basically explain what’s going on. I could live without giving my buddy treats in the game. I just don’t understand why this has been an issue. I’m able to do everything else besides using AR Features as of late.

Yeah I totally agree. That’s kinda why I am waiting for graphine OS. It has features that block Google API and put them behind a sort of wall for those apps that require it to connect to any Google server. I did a lot of research on it before I decided to want to install it on a device like fairphone for their repairable products and device longevity. I’m just hoping for a decent working build before I try that. As of lineage OS however I also like but it has a flaw if you have to deal with anything API related (ie. Google) they don’t put the app in question behind a wall. This OS that fairphone Supports mind you is to support older apps that have certain issues working on more modern devices. Basically I would like to have peace of mind that I can have a device that not only lasts, but also protects people from gready corperations that like taking things away in a ELUA that basically no one reads, taking away rights of ownership, and forces you to agree to a arbitration clause (I had this issue with Ruku, Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony adding this to the ELUA recently) saying that you can’t sue them if something goes wrong with the device. You must go through their lawyers instead of fighting for your rights. Even if I paid money for the games. If I had disagreed to these updated terms I couldn’t play my games that I paid money for. They are basically taking away everything I put money into. I don’t want my gaming console to become useless paperweights. And what if the servers get shut down. What happens to the games I Paid for. That’s why I am supporting Graphine OS. To hopefully have some control against the gready corperations for the devices I bought and paid for. I think fairphone made the right decision to block AR. I just think it that’s just not fair to everyone else. But I support that decision. I just wanted to know why In the end.

For me AR is working well in Pokémon Go, both on FP5 and FP4. :slight_smile:

Note that AR+ never worked, but for feeding your buddy you are using AR.

As it happens after an update, could you check your app autorisations? Maybe camera is not allowed? Time to time it happens that an update randomly remove autorisations…


I agree that ARCore is not supported, but Pokémon Go doesn’t rely on ARCore :wink:

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I found the cause! It’s a bug introduced in the last version of Pokémon Go, version 0.305


I’m still using version 0.303 so that’s why I don’t have it.
You can downgrade to this previous version if you want…

Nothing Fairphone-related :wink:


Thanks I appreciate knowing it’s a bug. The same thing for Pokémon sleep. A bug was the cause of it constantly crashing and sending you back to the title screen. Now I’m worried about the Riku research event and it crashes the game.

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