Does Fairphone 3 run Minecraft Earth

I consider to buy a Fairphone 3, but can you play the following games?

Minecraft Earth
Runescape (3) Mobile.

For Minecraft and Runescape Mobile the Play Store does not give any compatibility warnings. I cannot find Minecraft Earth, though.

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Here’s a link to Minecraft Earth. Looks like Pokémon Go but with Minecraft? What a time to be alive.


When I search for “Minecraft Earth” in the Play Store on my FP3, I do not get any results. Therefore I assume that this particular title might not be supported on the Fairphone 3.

What rmf says : It looks like Pokemon Go, but Minecraft earth (early access) is in beta.
You can try to find it on and then choose Minecraft Earth.

A requirement is Android 8 or higher (no problem with 9) and an AR-capable devices .

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Based on the requirements my guess would be that it’s possible. The FP3 runs Android 9 and Pokémon Go works fine, which if course also AR.

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I can’t install Minecraft Earth it via the Play Store, sorry:


Minecraft Earth installs when downloaded from apkmirror, but there is a license error:

(“Must be installed from the Store.”)


its not compatible officially, but you should be able to get it working with ARCore patcher.


I’ve played ME 0.15 -> 0.17 on my Fairphone 3 via installing Minecraft Earth and Google Play Services for AR apks.

The AR stuff doesn’t work though.

I did occasionally get the licensing thing, but either it went away by itself or went away after deleting data + cache for the app. It may have been exacerbated because I kept switching between FP3 and an AR capable phone with the same account.

The “Patched AR Core” thing seems way out of date, I couldn’t get to the end with it.

I’m also running into problems with an app that wants ARCore.

Are you referring to the Magisk ARCore patch? I’ve never used Magisk before and it seems like I will be rooting my phone and causing issues with many official apps. Could the non-system rooting of Magisk cause problems with other apps?

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