Playground: Features of this forum

In this topic, we want to give space to play around with the features of the forum. So go ahead and play around with links, > quotes, photos, and more.


I think I can use an @ to summon people to the forum. Like @Marleen are you there?

@chris_r is signed up and ready to help :smile:

I’m liking the format of the forum

What does the ‘backquote’ button do?

Pre-formatted text box

Using html tags to format text works

tables aren't supported I don't think, not that they would come up much


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BTW can’t upload images - what is the restriction for new users?

And on Joe’s post I seem to be able to click on the option to unpin the topic

Is there any way for a user to either close a topic they have created (like this one) or to mark an reply as the fix for a problem

I also note you can only post 2 links per post!

Thanks, @Chris_R ! Maybe the images and 2 links per post are limitations for beginner users like us. I’ll look into it.

@Chris_R new users cannot post any images and indeed have the 2 link limitation. You have to move beyond a ‘new user’ to get these ‘rights’. :smile:

We could change this of course, but do you think it’s so strict to move beyond ‘new’ and go to Basic? See here:

Basic (1)

If a user sticks around long enough to read a bit, Discourse now trusts them as a basic user.

They can get to trust level 1 by…

entering at least 5 topics
reading at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

We could make it easier and allow people to at least post 1 image? Maybe it’s more fun to ‘reach’ levels though… Thoughts @Marco?

@joe I think it would be nice if people could upload an image straight off

Alternatively, as long as you publish the guidelines for how people move up from being a new user then I don’t think it is much of an issue as it get’s people interacting

@Chris_R , I discovered that when you say that you can ‘unpin’ my topic - the Welcome msg - it’s actually only unpinned for yourself! But if you use a different browser window, it should still be there.

More here:

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I’ve added a “banner topic” so that the welcome message is more visible to new users (you actually have to X it the first time but your profile will remember it later).

What do you think of it? @Marco @Chris_R @anon12454812 @anon44592332

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Like the banner! Can you make the links in there open in a new window/tab? If you click it now you go away from the forum.

Test spam spam spam spam spam

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@joe how do you flag something as spam or inappropriate?

Edit: I think I answered my own question. I think you have to be at least a ‘Basic User’ to have access to the flag icon - it’s just now appeared :smile:

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@anon90052001 @Marco

The images no longer show on the Fairphone Cafe thread:

I guess it’s probably to do with the move of the forum onto the fairphone domain.

Anyway, I can also confirm I can now upload images now I’m a ‘Basic User’ woohoo!

Thanks, Marco is looking into it!

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Another feature that would come in handy, in my opinion, would be the ability to set a signature :slight_smile:

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With all due respect, please don’t do signatures.
I’ve seen so many forums riddled with one line posts that have signatures with huge images and texts in all colors of the rainbow. It completely messes up the ease of reading the forum.


Maybe we can compromise by improving the badge system :slight_smile:

I already like that we are starting with a “First Edition Fairphone” badge, but we could come up with more. Annoying is that I don’t think there’s a way to make it automatic.

For now, @Marco gives badges based on your introduction.

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Yes, I am like robot! @Robin it has also been discussed here:

and I’m afraid that the general consensus is that discourse will not offer signatures. I kind of concur, because I like how clean this place looks. But me too misses that I cannot insert .gif’s in my phpBB signature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe we can also use titles, I think you can fill one in once you are on a higher level - and it shows next to your name.


I have to agree that I hate signatures on forums. With the topic layout of discourse you’d end up scrolling from a long time to get through all posts :wink:

The absence of signature definitely gives a much cleaner feel.

@marco are titles available to other levels as it appears under the Admin section at the moment? I like the badges though :smile:


I’m convinced about not needing the signatures. You guys are quite right when saying it looks much ‘cleaner’ (without them). Thanks for the insights :slight_smile: