Place a stronger battery?

My battery doesn’t last for a day so im searching for a solution… any suggestions?


You could use a software to check what applications are currently “eating” away your charge. Maybe you could limit the use of this software/find alternatives?

You could try to ‘reset’ your battery (described in the forum somewhere).

You could order a 2nd battery and check if things get better and if it is caused by a broken battery.

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It’s in the #batteryguide along with other tips and links to topics with even more tips. (There are many different reasons for fast battery drainage so also many different solutions and workarounds.)

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Of course there are ways through behavior and usage patterns to increase battery life, but the fact remains that the battery is rather small sized for a powerful 5 inch phone.

@novski I got myself a small power bank with which I can charge it an extra 1,5 times. The power bank is slim enough so I can have it charging and easily hold both, phone and charger, in the hand while e.g. making a phone call or use the phone otherwise.


I am not sure that we find here any FP2 owner with average use and power consumption who doesnot have to reload and find a plug within 10 hours.

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What is “average use”? If I remember right, we had that discussion already. I think, that I’m an average-user (with Threema always on) and I need a plug every 3 days.


This is of course a tricky question, and not really to answer.
But I think for many users doing something with the phone (internet browsing, email writing, playing games etc), i.e. meaning that the display is on, belongs to normal usage. And when for example reading news in a browser, you can literally watch the battery percentage going down, even in flight mode (this has rather little to do with background services, simply the display eats a lot).
As I said, the battery is really small considering the display size, so using the phone drains the battery fast.

It would be interesting to have an app, that shows the actual current or power-consumption in Watt like upower -d in Linux.

There is BATTERY_PROPERTY_ENERGY_COUNTER (API 21) Battery remaining energy in nanowatt-hours, as a long integer. Not sure if some of the battery apps use it, but maybe worth a look.

Maybe there are more APIs for that kind of job? Not sure how much dumb’ed down the Android kernel is. Shouldn’t it be possible to run upower on Android somehow (Okay, upower is not so kernel related as I thought …).

This app also promises something (untested by me).

I try it, Takes some time


Take your time! This is how the BBS output looks like (you can have text or graphics).

More info on PowerTutor. There is a git that can be used to build it without the data collection (old). The one on the playstore collects data and is pretty old.

Can you describe a bit further how you are handling your phone to manage a 3 day average?
That wold be 3 times what i need… :grin:

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I deactivated every Google-ware, installed autostart, deactivated every autostart, which is not important, installed AFWall, so only a few apps can talk to the web, wifi is auto-off, if display is off and the display is as dark as can be (but bright enough, that my eyes don’t get mad) and off as much as possible , because the display eats the most power. My CPU-utilization ist 8 to 10 % with me watching and kernel-adiutor running.

Edit because I forgot: GPS (only) is always on and mobile data is always off (I don’t need it)

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ok. that makes clear how your eyeopening experience can work.
One quesiton regarding Mobiledata: do you have any messenger in use? (whatsapp, Signal, Threema, Telegram, Facebook …)
Regards, Novski

I wrote this: [quote=“Spielmops, post:6, topic:18773”]
I think, that I’m an average-user (with Threema always on)


Oh, im sorry i was unclear, i ment the mobile data usage of messengers…
Are you only avalable over threema when you are in a wifi?
because you wrote:

I’m most time within the range of wifi.

I only runned sfos and thought it was sfos fault…
This is a shame.
Are there larger batterys in terms of ma with the same size?

Ok, tested it. The Output is interesting, but the consumption of the LCD stays constant at 369mW no matter, if the brightness is high or low. It’ not shown in this screenshot. It shows the current CPU-powerconsumption, while I’m working with the phone (screenshot). The app told me at the first start, that it doesn’t know my phone, so the datas could be on the wrong side.


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yust tested that for about a half a day now. I have 2xFP2 and both react about the same.

thats the workaround that im using as well… But that workaround can’t be the end status. something has to be improved on my side… as:

i totaly agree.

As a search for Cellphone Batteries spits out a ton of same looking batteries im wondering if there isn’t one that wold fit in my FP2…

Thants indeed high… it wold be interesting what the specs of that display say… Maybe its related to the special connection system the FP2 uses…