Place a stronger battery?

BBS is more “modern” I guess. Maybe it will help you differentiating the different power consuming parts “better”?

GPS could be pretty expensive energy wise, especially if apps trying to update their position by asking/waking up the GPS. This could be a big impact. Maybe BBS can tell you more.

I’m not that interested in any battery- or energy-checker. My phone runs very well. I would like to have an app that shows the current power consumtion like Power Tutor does, but with display. Just to show others, that the display eats the battery.

If an app like Osmand asks for GPS-location then the power consumption of GPS does not matter. The app and the display make the energy vanish … I never saw GPS on the list of battery consumption.

Display eats battery, I can tell you. Just look how long one can use a DSLR if the display is off. Just wanted to say that with other apps you could check if your phone is really sleeping while display is off, or if it is doing other things (waking up to pull stuff, checking GPS).

Hello. I have installed DS Battery Saver as an XposedInstaller module. Mobile data or WiFi are switched off when display is off. They recommend installing Battery Stats Plus. Now my battery lasts almost two days.

Sounds like a mode most users want if they really depend on their battery for a while. Interesting that there is no such mode available in stock Android. :wink:

I hate to discuss obscure software where nobody really knows what it is really doing (maybe it is useful but it could also be snakeoil …). Too bad that the OS itself/Android is not offering proper answers/configurations without additional software/rooting. But I’m sure Google will have to improve power management in newer Android releases. Not sure how much of the power management is also Qualcomm related.

I think Android Doze is what comes close (in Android 6, not 5, API 23). And I’m sure there will be always a window for Google’s services to call the mothership :wink: Also through this more developers will be forced to use Google services (GCM) in their apps.

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I fully agree. As it’s currently not available in stock Android I think it’d be great if it was an option of FPOS energy saving mode.

I wonder whether the quality of the charger could have any influence on the effective capacity (FWIW I usually recharge every other day). cheaper chargers or long/cheap USB cables will cause the voltage to drop below the nominal 5V, i wonder if this could cause the charging circuit to misjudge the fill level of the battery or otherwise prevent a full charging.

I’m in the same boat. I could follow what everyone else has said but the plain fact is, I’m oncall all the time and need to use specific apps. After migrating from a Motorola G3 (same apps, same usage patterns) I’m finding that the FP2 rarely gets me through the day, while I never had any such issues with the G3.

So I’m not looking for tips on wringing better performance out of the phone. I want to know when I can buy a larger capacity battery. That, as far as I’m concerned, should be the best part of the FP2.

These guys make amazingly good batteries:

Does the FP2 use a particular size standard that is compatible with any other phone? Is it possible that there’s a suitable battery that might work?

the small-boned or narrow-chested battery was one of the limits that I knew before I decided to buy FP2.
TO me it belongs to the extra price we all pay for fair traded ressources to my opinion. However it was no hidden expense. And yes there exists already approaches and a design from Dirk v.L (Jolla “maker” + TOH-KBD producer) for even bigger cover cases to include a bigger one.


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I totally agree. It was foreseeable from the specs that the battery life won’t exactly be one of the highlights of the FP2.
Yet, when buying a power bank to compensate for this shortcoming, I still felt that it contradicts the Fairphone idea, since it after all meant to get another electronics product, i.e. wasting more resources just to have a phone getting over the day. I wouldn’t have mind the FP2 being a bit bigger and having a stronger battery. Let’s see if we’ll see a battery fitting dvl’s case some day, though, since I got a power bank I already have solution for myself.

I´m using “Ampere” which shows me the actual dis-/charge current and voltage, So everyone can easily calculate the voltage multiplied with the current for the actual power rate.

I´m keeping another battery which seems good to handle for me rather than dragging a plugged power bank somewhere.
Although my FP2 isn´t rooted (yet) I have “Noroot Firewall” installed to keep specific apps from running down my data contingent.
I don´t see me as a usual user. So I do set my phone into any mode I need it for having a long run without charging. I could experience after my first update power consumption dropped noticeable for me already. If i use it with focus I can make up to two days. But this also means toggling data, wifi ect. just as needed. I´m not a messenger addict.

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