Photo Unreachable

Hi There,
So i got a Phairphone 2 and i’m trying to get down some photos on my PC.
I can see the photo on my phone, but once i connect the phone to the PC the photo are not there. Are missing like 3/4 months of pictures.


really Annoying stuff…

Have you tried different connection modes (MTP, PTP)?

I think the default when you connect your Fairphone 2 to your PC is to charge only.

Swipe down from the top of the screen while the FP2 is connected via USB and there you should see some USB options. If you select “PTP” it should be the same as if you had connected a digital camera.

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yeah I did it!

I can access to the DCMI directory, and Camera one, where all the photo meant to be. There are older photos, there are the newest photos, but many photos in between are missing!

I can see them all on the phone, but can’t see them on the PC.

That’s the wired thing…

Are you using G%§$e? Maybe the photos are stored in the cloud?

Sorry, can’t visualize correctly your message.

What I supposed to be using?!

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G o o g l e (sorry - autoblocked evil word :wink: )

No, I am not using any Uploading on
cloud or stuff like that.

I did try to connect the phone to different PC with all the modality possible, some result…many pictures are inaccesable

I found this topic with a similar issue, maybe you find some tips there:


Thanks, but I am trying out their solution and doesn’t work!

Is this in the camera app, or in a file manager (like Settings > USB & Storage > Explore)? If you haven’t checked in a file manager, can you check?

Also, after clearing App data for the Media Storage app in settings as mentioned in the other thread, it will take some time for the indexing service to rebuild.

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I can see them from the app and from the “settings > Usb &…”

I did delete some photos in order to see if others come’s up, but nothing.

The photos are on the phone, but I just can’t access to it by the PC.

Try moving them to a new folder on the phone and see if you can access them there from the PC.

No, not ether this option works…

Also if this can help. I took down the photo’s name that I can’t find, and I did a search for it (with the pc search) by its name (IMG_20171024_160756). And no results are listed.


But of course, the photo does exist on the phone! I took the name from there.

Weird. Does e-mailing that photo to yourself work? Not really a solution for many pictures, but at least it will hopefully rule out any weirdness with the file contents.

Yeah I can share them (email or what’s up), but as you said, is not a solution for many photos, and is not a solution to other photos that can go missing in a future!
There must be a solution out there!

Do you have an SD card in your phone? And if so is it formatted as internal or external storage?

I just put one in, and I am trying from the phone (setting>usb storage…) to copy the DCIM directory from the phone into the SD-Card

Fingers crossed

There is even a second other thread with a similar problem, but also no solution there

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