Phone calls: other person suddenly can't hear me anymore


I’m having trouble with phone calls on my FP2. It works fine for a while, but after some time (so far a span of anywhere between 5 and 35 minutes), the other person suddenly can’t hear me anymore. I can hear them just fine. This has happened three times in the past two days, once while I was on a street tram (so moving), the other two stationary in my office.

Any ideas what might be going on? Is anyone else having similar problems?


Same! The other person can’t hear me…and doesn’t matter if she is or I am calling…makes it for every phone calls… Kind of annoying!!!

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Since there aren’t a huge number of people responding to this topic, I wonder if we might have the same mobile provider and if that could be the problem? I’m with JaMobil in Germany - you?

Dont think its the mobile provider…im un switzerland…

Some people are reporting problems with the proximity sensor:

When the other person can’t hear you, can you check whether the phone has been set to mute? If the screen turns on during the call, it may be possible to activate on screen options (such as mute) by accident.

That seems quite plausible and would explain why it happens at different times during a call. I do vaguely remember the screen being lit up during a call, but will have to check the next time I phone someone. Thanks.

Hey all,
i habe the same Problem, reported it also to support, but didn’t get an answer so far.
Although the distance Sensor is also in my phone creating sometimes paths in the menue during phoning and sometimes in contrary the display turns off during a call and doesn’t turn on again when taking the phone from the ear, its not the mute button , as i tried it, and it was not activated and the other Person couldn’t hear me,
will let you know if i hear something from the support

I get this too, it doesn’t seem to be that the phone is getting muted by my ear due to the faulty proximity sensor,

I’m really not sure if it was the mute issue for me or not. It hasn’t happened again since I wrote this post, but I’ve also only had short phone conversations since then (1-2 minutes). I’ve been consciously paying attention to holding the phone in such a way that the proximity sensor is triggered and the screen turns off, so far so good.

I have this all the time - it’s REALLY annoying!!! As well as mute being switched on, other things happen, like it will say that I have set up a new SIM and ask me to set up a new profile. I have to switch the phone off and on again to reset when this happens as I don’t know how to undo it. I hold the phone away from my ear to make sure I don’t touch anything, but it keeps doing it. I don’t know how to stop it - help!

I seem to be having the same or a similar problem - I can always hear the other person during calls, but sometimes they can’t hear me and start saying "Hello? Hello?"
It happens about 25% of the time, and is usually resolved by hanging up and starting the call again, or them calling into me instead. I’m fairly sure it only happens with outgoing calls that originate from my phone. It’s making it hard to use for business :frowning:

I also have the same problem! Fairphonesupport please help! It seems like many customers/supporters have this problem.

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Official support can be contacted here - the forum is more of a community effort and there is no guarantee that official support will read what’s discussed here (though sometimes they do), which is why it’s best to contact them directly if you need an official answer.

Also: @Rosamartillo and @isl73: I’ve moved your posts here as I get the impression you’re describing that this happens during a phone conversation (rather than that it is the case from the very start of each conversation). As more people are discussing that here, there’s a better chance of a solution being reported here. If I got this wrong, let me know and I’ll move your posts back.

I have the same problems with most of my longer calls. Either the remote party can’t hear me at some point or I can’t hear them. Hanging up and calling again fixes the issue. But it is kind of annoying having to go: helllo hello, do you hear me now. All the time. Having the proximity sensor not work properly sounds like a plausible explanation which I will mind from now on and report back on.

Same here… I found out, that my ear is triggering the CONFERENCE CALL feature and not the mute switch when that happens. The solution is to press the back button (triangle on the lower left) twice. That brings you back to your phone call. At least in my case. Hope that helps some of you out.

I am currently looking for a job and imagine how annoying it is to send out your CV for a job you really would like, receiving a call - and you know it is about the job, pick up and spend 30 seconds answering “yes, hellooooo!!” to “can you hear me? hello? can you hear me?” - yes, I can freakin’ hear you, but you can’t because for some weird reason the microphone just doesn’t work anymore…
So, then the other day, I read somewhere on this Forum that the Volume for Media, needs to be all the way up for them to hear me…? Well, I didn’t see the connection but tried it… AND it worked!! … ONCE:angry:
And it is not only during calls: “Ok, Google” doesn’t react anymore, so the microphone must be dead… Among all these small bugs that are slowly coming out with the FP2, the fact that I can’t make a phone call is the most annoying one and should be fixed first, as the FP is… a phone :scream:!!
However, if one of you finds a solution as easy as “turn the volume up” (but not that :wink:) please let me know. :grin:


i have the same issue. it occurs randomly during calls and i am usually to slow to work around it.

i think it has to do with the fact that for some reason the sensor to disable the touchscreen isn’t working properly while having a phone call. at some point the display will activate and some random actions are triggered with my ear.

An easy workaround for a badly working proximity sensor is to switch off the screen with a short press on the power button before making the call and switch it on again afterwards.
That’s how I had to do it always with FP1.

Hi - new phone arrived.

I really want to love it as it’s a great piece of kit.

…but one call in four leaves me unable to speak to the person on the other line.

…sometimes, people are conferenced in without me having actioned this (phone just rings someone else randomly).

…sometimes people are put on hold without me having actioned this.

…loads of apps keep crashing and it can be hard to scroll without the phone display going weird.

Unsure what to do and not sure whether this is just a software defect.

Please advise thanks.

Guys, I’m pretty sure all of you have the issue with the proximity sensor, so I suggest you continue here:

But to make sure it’s not a different issue why don’t you all try this temporary workaround: Before putting your phone near your ear turn off the screen manually with the power button. If that doesn’t keep the phone from going mute than it’s another issue.

Please vote here if the workaround works and if so, I’ll close this thread.

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  • The workaround works.
  • People still can’t hear me with the screen turned off manually.
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