Phone calls: other person suddenly can't hear me anymore

Happens on every other call…trying to get important docs form my mortgage company and have been on hold for 20 mins twice because of it!

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Pleeaaaase! If you get any answer from tech support let me know!! I have to use headphones or speaket for every single call I receive/make to be heard (and like others, headphone volume is too loud and speaker is too low)…I really wanted this fairphone, but its turning really disappointing…

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I wrote to support about this issue three weeks ago and they still haven’t answered. :frowning: The microphone works with video calls for me but not with phone calls.


I have the same problem about 40% of the time. I will try the workaround problem but don’t really want to have to turn the screen off manually for every phonecall for ever as I have waited patiently to get a phone for 5 years and would like it to work properly if I spend the money on it!

I don’t feel confidet opening up a phone either, I’m not a tech savvy person really …

The FP2 was designed so you don’t need to be tech savy to open it up.

Ihave the same problem. I live in Sweden and calling with tele 2

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When it happened to me I switched on and off the microphone and the other person could hear me again. It is for sure not the same problem, but clumsy me have turned off the microphone with my cheek several times. Both on my old iPhone and the new FP2.

Had an answer from the support…to restore the phone (means saving everything, reinstall all the apps, etc…) …but still have the problem…microphone only working with headphone or speaker, but still nothing normally…pfffffffffff…
Wrote back hoping to get an other answer…

any updates? to me it’s a totally no-go, the company show up here and give support, advice that works or even say 'sorry we don’t know whats-o-ever the problem is".
as someone said earlier it’s a PHONE to make CALLS.

my wife can’t make almost any call since couple of days from the very beginning of them…

I haven’t had any problems with it since I started paying attention to the screen turning off (going black) when I place the phone up to my ear. Very occasionally it doesn’t respond immediately, but if I then just move the phone a tiny bit to the side it turns off reliably and with that, I no longer have problems with the call suddenly being muted. So I think for me the issue was indeed that I muted the phone with my cheek.

I’m getting the same problem - it happened during a call yesterday and it just happened when phoning my bank!

It’s frightfully irksome.

I think that don’t probelm of the proximity sensor. I have a similar problem but this happens when I activate the speaker mode call , then my FP2 microphone works only on speaker mode if I dsactivate the speaker mode the microphone stop working.

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Same problem, my phone partner isn’t able to hear me after a while. Looking at the screen to find a mute button or similar–nothing but the screen has always a yellow frame. Help! I want to phone with my phone!!

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Same problem with my FP2…
Is there still no reliable solution?
Very disappointed after having paid in advance for the FP2 in Summer 2015, receiving 6 months later and now not being able to do a simple phone call!


Just for record, I have exactly the same issue.

So desappointed also after paid some much in september 2015 and wait until february 2016 to get the FP2. And now the FP2 is not even abble to make a call !!!


I am encountering the very same issue!

Microphone not working when:

  • making phone calls
  • sending voice messages
  • shooting videos

I’d consider this a P0 bug since it seriously affects the basic functionalities of the phone and creates stressful moments. My only workaround for phone calls currently seems to be putting it on speakers and having your environment listening to your conversations as well. Going to try out the “turn off the screen” idea for phone calls.


  • The “turn off the screen” hack is not working for me!

Thanks a lot and let’s help the Fairphone-team to resolve this issue! I’m sure they are doing their best to restore this functionality.


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Same here. It happened after the last update but I am not sure if it’s a software or hardware problem.
I sent a request to the assistance more than 3 weeks ago but no reply till now. This is really awful: having a phone You can’t make or receive phone calls!
I have read someone suggested a factory reset but I am waiting news from the assistance before doing it
I am badly disappointed.:rage:

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I have the same problem. People complain they can’t hear me very well, that I’m breaking off but I can hear them just fine.It happens with and without microphone. I pay attention to cover the proximity switch to deactivate the touch screen. That and the fact that people can still hear me a little bit tells me it’s not an accidental activation of the mute function. I use the phone professionally so this is really becoming a problem.

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I’m having a similar problem to the person directly above. People can hear me slightly but not well enough.
I have been working around it by only calling people using speakerphone, but this is annoying when in a public place.
Someone suggested that it could be an issue with the atmospheric mic, is there a way to test if its this? Could you recommend an app?