✏ How to update a rooted FP2 with TWRP?

:warning: Since the update to Android 6, this guide is no longer valid. It is impossible to update from the SD card, you will have to follow the procedure described here. If someone finds a way to solve this issue, I’m sure this guide will be updated accordingly.

Since FP releases quite a lot of updates (and I can only be happy about this!), I decided to write a short manual on “how to update my rooted FP with TWRP”. It took me too much time to find out every time again how I managed to do it last time :slight_smile:
Since last month I saw some other users with the same issues, I decided to share my experience. This is a #wiki, so more experienced users can correct my mistakes or give more explanation on how/why to perform certain steps.
I know all this information is already available in several topics (e.g. here is a :de: wiki howto). But by making it a separate topic, I hope people like me can find the information much faster.

I’m by no means a very advanced user, I just understand enough to know what root is and why I want it. So maybe some steps seem way too obvious for some people…

Your data...

... will be untouched with this procedure!

Preparation - do downloads with your phone: If you do this, you will find the files you need in /storage/sdcard0/Download.
(if your phone isn’t able to do so, then download via PC and store files on sdcard)

For more comfort and better overview create a folder “install” in your TWRP-Folder on sdcard1 and move the 3 following files there …

  1. Download the update at https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213290023-Fairphone-OS-downloads-for-Fairphone-2 (you need the normal “update file”). Put it on your SD card and remember, where it is.

  2. Download the new boot-image with root from here: https://fp2.retsifp.de/ (thanks to @retsifp).

  3. If you use the xposed-framework: it will be gone and has to be reinstalled. Download from here: http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/sdk22/arm/ the latest version.

The Update

  1. Start your phone in recovery (vol up + power for 10 seconds)
  2. chose “install” and then the file “FP2-xxx-version.zip”, the screen changes.
  3. There ist a checkbox named “Zip-signature verification”. If it is checked, then uncheck it. Now slide the three arrows to the right side to start flashing. After that TWRP asks if you want to delete cache and dalvik. You want it deleted!
  4. Do not reboot, go back to the start-screen and choose (bottom right side) “Install Image”. Locate your Boot-Image and chose it. The screen changes
  5. There is a selection to do “Boot” or “Recovery”, chose “Boot”. Slide the 3 arrows to the right to start flashing.
  6. Xposed-framework is gone with the update so you want to reinstall the xposed-framework. Go back to the"install"-screen and and install the Zip-File the same way you installed the update (uncheck zip-verification).

You are ready, “reboot” the phone to “system”. The Phone will restart and this will take some time - it’s a first start. Your apps need to be optimized.

Attention: your phone will get hot - this is normal. If you run 10 km (7 miles) in half an hour, you will be sweating too …

Hint: The use of TWRP has the advantage, that you can do very easy a complete backup and restore (as it was before). If you want to be sure that you can go back, then store the images “boot”, “system”, “cache” and “data” on your sdcard. Do this in section “Update” as item 1a. Or anytime you want. Space needed for that: >2.5GByte according to your installation and datas. It’ a good idea to store the system-partition with the filename “system-<date>”, the boot-partition as boot-<date> and so on …

Please note
Some workarounds will not work any more after the updating process. You will have to grant the SD-card writing rights again.
If you want your camera to work in silence, you have to rename the file again.

Have a lot of fun and success …