✏ Adjustments to the Forum software

Hi everyone! I got annoyed by some limitations here in the forum, so I thought, I’d start this thread to discuss them. This post is a Wiki Post, so everyone can add their requests. Hopefully the Fairphone Team sees the things similarly and makes the adjustments happen.

##Parameters that should be changed in the Fairphone Forum

  • Abolish the 20 character limit for users of higher trust levels (quotes don’t count - like here) :heavy_check_mark:

  • Set the 2 links limit for new users higher :heavy_check_mark: (It’s 5 now)

  • keep email-reply posts from containing quotes and signatures. (Here is an example post; I already edited it, but you can see the edit history)


The 20 character limit sometimes annoys me too, but I think either it should stay, with quotes counting, or it should be removed only for users of trust level member or higher. Otherwize I fear the forum would overflow with posts like: “thanks”, “welcome”, “yes please”, “exactly” or " :smile: " - all of wich are better expressed by a simple click on the like button ( :heart: ) .

There is also a lower limit for characters in the title, but I’d leave that untouched as it helps make topic titles more distinct.


I agree :smile:
I find quite annoying to reach a minimum characters quote, but for sure I don’t want to be notified of 500 new “thank you!” posts :stuck_out_tongue:
Is it also possible to add as adjustment to fix the Firefox Mobile issues with using the forum? I didn’t add it in the wiki post because I didn’t understand yet if it is a problem of Firefox or the Forum software…
Thank you :smile:


It is a Forum problem because it also occurs on other browsers (see here). I didn’t mean such bugs though, but I meant parameters, which limit the use of the Forum. I’m updating the first post, to make it clearer.

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I agree that the 20char limit may be beneficial. Additionally, I think that the link limit is all right as it is - if someone is mentioning that he/she can not post a link, a mod can probably help?

Your e-mail response point is valid. (And I can access the edit history.)


One thing I’d really like to see changed - but I might be the only one - is the search function.

  • When I hit cmd+f (mac combo for “find”) sometimes the Firefox site-search function opens, sometimes the Fairphone Forum search function does. I don’t see a pattern and it’s usually the search function I don’t want at the moment.
  • I use “Add to Searchbar”, a Firefox Plugin that let’s me add any website’s search function to my firefox search bar, so e.g. I can quickly search imdb, whosampled, dict.cc, and even search the Fairphone support pages as well as do a reverse image search. The only search function that doesn’t work for me is the Fairphone Forum search. (Maybe because it’s a pop-up.)
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There is a long discussion on discourse meta about this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/options-to-disable-hijack-of-cmd-f-ctrl-f-and-keys-for-search/16875

For me, using firefox on Ubuntu/Linux, ctrl+f , does not trigger forum search here, but does on meta.discourse.org :confused:

@paulakreuzer How did you do this nice shortcut “icons”?

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…and then some text to reach the 20 character limit. :wink:

  1. I read somewhere on meta.discourse.org that they are implementing a search page in addition to the pop-up, so hopefully, when the Fairphone Forum receives a new Discourse version, you will be able to use it in “Add to Searchbar”.
  2. According to the Keyboard Shortcuts (Gosh, I can’t even link to that pop-up… --> Click the hamburger above and select “Keyboard Shortcuts”) of the Fairphone Forum, the key for Search is / (“Slash”).
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Adding a note here from @paulakreuzer:

Make sure you migrate old polls when you update the discourse software.

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How does using the keyboard shortcuts and the / for searching relate to fixing the problem of a universal search/find?

Does it work now?


Unfortunately no. Add to Searchbar still doesn’t work.

In Preferences I can watch track and mute categories and I can mute users. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to watch users? E.g. I’d like to watch @ben and @humorkritik to never miss any of their interesting posts, I’d also like to watch the other moderators and the Fairphone staff and as a moderator it could be interesting to watch “shady” users to make sure they don’t turn out to be trolls. :smiley:

Also I think it would be cool to have a link to all my watched topics on my profile (or somewhere else). There is a way to see them, by entering “in:watching” in the search field but that’s not a very elegant solution.


Do you guys think we should install the solved button plugin?
We could enable it just for the help category.

Btw, I’ll only add my suggestions to the wiki post if they get some likes. I don’t want the forum software adjusted to my personal desires if I’m the only one who desires them! :wink:


There’s a longstanding discussion about this on Meta. The developers keep saying it’s something they’d like to have eventually, but it’s just not a top priority. They always prioritise features with solid use cases and good mockups, so if you have something in mind you should definitely pitch in on that topic.

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One more thing: How about we abandon the rule that polls can only be updated for 5 minutes? Or at least grant moderators the right to update them later on?


I would agree but if only moderators could change them, because there should be a control on modifications, especially if people voted before changing the poll.
Bye! :smile:


I noticed that links in posts open in the same window as the original post. I’d like to suggest for external links to always open in a new tab.
I was just reading the suggestions someone posted using external links, and when I clicked a link I lost the original post.


I meant users can upload to some image hosting site and link to it so readers get the image only if and when they want.

There do not seem to be much automatic compression if any;
There are a couple images here that are in megabyte size. When the subject grows like this thread, one have to scroll down several times and have more and more images load… it take a while…

Maybe the forum software can be set to paginate a subject?

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