Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped (Dutch language input)

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Thanks for the response, Stefan. Something did change when I did that. So we can narrow down the problem.But now I notice that the “Android AOSP” occurs when I keep the input language on Dutch. I have three input languages to help me check my texts in languages I use the most: Dutch, French, English). Changing to French or English don’t seem to pose a problem, but changing to Dutch immediately gives me the “stopped working” message.
What to do next: or do I need to get to support with this.

Does this help? …

Well it helped partly. I didn’t find any “Dictionary Provider”. Now the error is gone, I can select the different languages withot error, but the Dutch spell checker is empty. I’ll try to find how to fix that.
Many thanks.

If you find a solution, let us now, I’m curious! :slight_smile: In the worst case, you’d have to do the update again (manually), to have the Dutch dictionary installed again.

I think it has also to do with choosing English as system language. I’ve changed that to Dutch now and it seems to working.


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