Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hi at all, I am Daniele from italy and I have bought a Fairphone first batch first edition that I have sold very early, when I have realized that with that chipset there are no updates and/or alternative roms; now I have pre ordered the Fairphone 2 with the hope that it will be more open than the former.

I am an appassionate about free software and all the stuff related to the privacy


Welcome! :smiley: :it: :sunny:


Hello all!

Im a former Apple girl, who decided to join this great idea with the start of my new (social enterprise) firm: two sims in one phone that will make the first steps possible towards changing the phone industry… im in!

So, second batch of FF 1 and im pretty happy with it.


  • I’d like it if i could use longer entries for names of people in my phone book.
  • i’d like it when the Bluetooth of both numbers wouldn’t block each other when im using ADYEN pay machine at the market with my phone… At the moment i have to shut down one phone number to have a good functioning paying machine… humpf.
  • i’d LOVE a better camera.
    Other then that:

Happy person with phone!

I love the fact i can turn it off at night. never thought about that before.
I love the fact i could replace the screen myself (with help from a friend and a tutorial)… whohoo!
I love the fact we are changing the world.

My new company (since 2015) is De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek B.V. We make soap in Amsterdam from organic ingredients, and lye (loog/NaOH), and its great for showering and as a present. People who need to get back on their feet can come work with us for a little while! look me up online!

Groeten, Toetsie Zwitserlood


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: This topic is not the best place to discuss problems, but I invite you to search around on the forum and see if you can find solutions for your issues.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not looking for solutions, just sharing my wishes :wink: And introducing myself…


My name is Morgan Leijström and i Live in Kivik, Sweden.
I am a self employed techician/inventor with interests in environment and society, so i stear my projects and choose tools in that direction. Fairphone fit this direction perfectly :smile:

While images looks nice they makes this page take ages to load on links like mine (and for some consume cost of data transfer) I would suggest to like on other forums i visit, any picture larger than tiny should be put other place and linked instead.)
Now going to order :slight_smile:


Hi i am MoO, im German and i am looking for a new phone… so i endet upo here. And will post a request for a used one or buy a new one in November.

Greetz MoO


Welcome @Boennsche_Monkeys and @Morgano! :smiley:

I’m afraid our forum software Discourse handles pictures in this way and the procedure can’t be altered in the way you suggest. I believe that images get compressed anyways!?

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I used to live in Bonn for most of my live :slight_smile:

Hello FP community!

My name is Rosi, I live in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
I’m a first batch FP1 owner since january 2014 and it was my first smartphone.
The phone before was a Sony Ericsson Elm, selected by the fact it was a bit “greener” than other phones. When I first heard from the Fairphone idea in Summer 2013, I was totally on fire for this project!

Now I am really happy with my phone and also with my descision to live without GAPPS.
I’m hoping that my FP1 will last for a loong time (the battery have had been changed due bloating), and I’m thankful for the lasting support!

I wish a great weekend to everyone,


Hi Rosi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Have you heard of the Austrian Fairphoners? :wink:

Yes, I’ve heard from your group!
Unfortunatly I couldn’t make it to the meetings because of schedule difficulties.


Ok, by now I already commented on posts a couple of times, so it’s time to introduce myself:
I am originally from Germany but have lived in France (Lille to be exact) the last 4.5 years. However, my PhD is finished and so will be my PostDoc contract by November. So, right now I am unsure where I’ll be exactly at the end of the year - depends on where my boyfriend and I will find work - but the plan is to head back to Germany mainly to be closer to (let’s make this “easier to reach”*) our families.

I follow the movement nearly from the start and hesitated in buying an FP1 but held back because I was unsure about non-Android OSes being available and ironically, because I found it too big…
In July, however, I ordered an FP2 - and yes, despite(!) its size - hoping against hope that some other OS (preferentially Ubuntu or Sailfish or at least a usable version of Cyanogenmod) might be ported to it.
From what I just wrote one might think that I am more concerned with open source than with the social impact of FP which is not exactly true - if not I would have headed to buy a Jolla phone - however, I think it would be the best of combinations of having a really open FP.
I am a great fan of the FP goals (not just the phone) and the movement and proud to finally being able to contribute to it.

Btw, I also like the forum quite a lot, already spent way too much time browsing through old and new threads :smile:

*If you don’t like ranting, just skip this paragraph ;):
It is a pain to book on SNCF/Bahn + sometimes Thalys or SNCB every time just to strand in Brussels for about 1.5 hours waiting for the TGV which takes 30 min to Lille on your way back home. Especially since my credit card often gets blocked automatically due to booking at the different train companies in a short time frame - apparently very suspicious.


Welcome, @merci! Yeah, you kind of started this thread. :wink:

I know what you mean, this forum is just too nice a place to not spend way too much time here… :slight_smile:



I am living in Dortmund (Germany).

First batch Fairphone owner. I present a second FP1(U) phone to a friend in India.

I support the aim of Fairphone project. I like this community for openness, Helpfully and friendly.

Apps on my Fairphone: AdAway, AFWall, App Settings(Xposed), Bahnhofstafel, Bittorrent Sync (Sync with my Synology NAS), CSip Simple, DB Navigator, Disbale Service, DuckDuckGo, F-Droid, F2L, Fritz!Fon, GravityBox (Xposed), Greenify (Xposed), HandyTicket, Kaiten Mail, KeePassDroid, MobileVoip, Notable, Nova Laucher, Oeffi, Oil File Manager, Open Camera, Power Toggles, Quick Pic, Red Phone, Root Explorer, SMSbackup+, Tasker, TextSecure, Twidere, Uninstall System App, VPNcilla, Xposed Framework, XPrivacy, Xabber Dev. - Thats all. ;D

I am a reader of Telepolis, der Standard, tagesanzeiger.

Nothing Special ;D


Welcome @nohwann! :slight_smile:

I see you are using Twidere, which suggests that you are on Twitter. Would you mind adding your username to this list? :wink:

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your welcome. I am not a active Twitter. Just only a reader. I follows some of intresting tweets, get Railway information lively (Its very important in Germany ;D ) and most imporatant world political news.

Any how my tweeter user name is: parthipan

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I’ve been active here for a while, but I’m not sure I ever actually introduced myself.

I’m Kevin!

I live in a lovely little village in northern England, and work in the digital team for a national health charity, where I manage our website, email and online tools.

I’m a member of my local Green Party and had been looking for an ethical phone for a while until I found Fairphone.

I got order 78 of FP2 :smile:


Welcome @kevr1990! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen you around the forum and found your posts quite interesting!