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@JanDoggen Welcome :slight_smile:

[quote]FP1 owner number 16000 something IIRC.[/quote] Must be saying “First Edition” on the back then, am I right? :blush:

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“Welcome” Your here longer than me :wink:

And now also under Badges :smile:

Hi everybody,

I just joined this Forum after pre-ordering a Fairphone 2.
I’ve never bought a mobile phone before. I’ve always been a second-hand mobile user, but the Fairphone project convinced me.

I use free software almost exclusively, so I’m quite happy that the Fairphone developers are embracing (free) software alternatives for the Fairphone 2 OS (blog link).



Wow, is it really possible.

I have been in this forum for so long and never introduced me?
I am a Fairphone First Edition Owner with that nice little engraving. I live in Rostock, Germany, and I just finished my studies in Computer Science. I am Interested in sustainable and responsible computing and i think the Fairphone is a very good step in that direction.

I use Linux on my PCs since roughly ten years, thought i also have a MacBook and Windows to play some games. Most thinks serious, I do on my Ubuntu Box.


@Zapp: Welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll enjoy the Fairphone 2! :smile:

Welcome to you too, @Ben! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My name is Reent and since a couple of weeks I have the pleasure to work in customer support at Fairphone! You won’t be reading much of me here since there are some great moderators at work and I am really glad that this forum is so accessible to everyone!

I went to the Hanseatic town of Deventer [Hanseatic here as well] 10 days ago where they had their annual used book market which is the largest in Europe and the book I was tempted to buy would have combined ideally some interests of mine. I am very lucky that Fairphone does the same because one day you are working at a company that produces a cool gadget which is a game changer, the other at one that fights for a better world and is on a mission and every day it’s this amazing journey with the people working here and people using the product.

So all of me in a nutshell: I talk too much :wink:


Hello nice people!

It’s three months now that I enjoy staying without any phone (the last one got a bit tooo wet when I was on a volcano and it started to heavily rain) and I always had only some old school ones. After some years that smartphones are around and I had my experiences hitchhiking and backpacking and feeling the ground and getting lost instead of counting all the time on a machine, I think that I’m ready to enjoy this technology. If the FairPhone wasn’t here, probably I would be still avoiding it all, but a trusted friend shown it to me and if there is a fair way, I think that I can go for it. The FP2 won’t be in my budget, though, so I’m going to look for a second hand one. Hopefully I would be fully a fan of this community very soon. If you’re selling yours, that’s the Unofficial Second Hand Fairphone Marketplace on the forum, and that’s my email:
eta489 AT gmail DOT com

Cheerio *

PS. Oh, yes, some more about me? Well, I’m an artist, if you want to check my website out, please feel free! That tells a lot! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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Hi at all, I am Daniele from italy and I have bought a Fairphone first batch first edition that I have sold very early, when I have realized that with that chipset there are no updates and/or alternative roms; now I have pre ordered the Fairphone 2 with the hope that it will be more open than the former.

I am an appassionate about free software and all the stuff related to the privacy


Welcome! :smiley: :it: :sunny:


Hello all!

Im a former Apple girl, who decided to join this great idea with the start of my new (social enterprise) firm: two sims in one phone that will make the first steps possible towards changing the phone industry… im in!

So, second batch of FF 1 and im pretty happy with it.


  • I’d like it if i could use longer entries for names of people in my phone book.
  • i’d like it when the Bluetooth of both numbers wouldn’t block each other when im using ADYEN pay machine at the market with my phone… At the moment i have to shut down one phone number to have a good functioning paying machine… humpf.
  • i’d LOVE a better camera.
    Other then that:

Happy person with phone!

I love the fact i can turn it off at night. never thought about that before.
I love the fact i could replace the screen myself (with help from a friend and a tutorial)… whohoo!
I love the fact we are changing the world.

My new company (since 2015) is De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek B.V. We make soap in Amsterdam from organic ingredients, and lye (loog/NaOH), and its great for showering and as a present. People who need to get back on their feet can come work with us for a little while! look me up online!

Groeten, Toetsie Zwitserlood


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: This topic is not the best place to discuss problems, but I invite you to search around on the forum and see if you can find solutions for your issues.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not looking for solutions, just sharing my wishes :wink: And introducing myself…


My name is Morgan Leijström and i Live in Kivik, Sweden.
I am a self employed techician/inventor with interests in environment and society, so i stear my projects and choose tools in that direction. Fairphone fit this direction perfectly :smile:

While images looks nice they makes this page take ages to load on links like mine (and for some consume cost of data transfer) I would suggest to like on other forums i visit, any picture larger than tiny should be put other place and linked instead.)
Now going to order :slight_smile:


Hi i am MoO, im German and i am looking for a new phone… so i endet upo here. And will post a request for a used one or buy a new one in November.

Greetz MoO


Welcome @Boennsche_Monkeys and @Morgano! :smiley:

I’m afraid our forum software Discourse handles pictures in this way and the procedure can’t be altered in the way you suggest. I believe that images get compressed anyways!?

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I used to live in Bonn for most of my live :slight_smile:

Hello FP community!

My name is Rosi, I live in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
I’m a first batch FP1 owner since january 2014 and it was my first smartphone.
The phone before was a Sony Ericsson Elm, selected by the fact it was a bit “greener” than other phones. When I first heard from the Fairphone idea in Summer 2013, I was totally on fire for this project!

Now I am really happy with my phone and also with my descision to live without GAPPS.
I’m hoping that my FP1 will last for a loong time (the battery have had been changed due bloating), and I’m thankful for the lasting support!

I wish a great weekend to everyone,


Hi Rosi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Have you heard of the Austrian Fairphoners? :wink: