'Out of space' warning when plenty of space available


I’m getting an ‘out of space’ warning, that prevents me to take any pic (it’s on the f****g middle of the shutter button), when there’s plenty of space available. Also I can’t choose where pics are being saved (phone/SD card) in the camera menu. Of course I’ve tried to delete some pics, restarting the phone, nothing changes. It’s really getting me nervous, any ideas? (have done a quick search and didn’t find anything useful)

You may have formatted the SD card as internal storage, although it may not look like it, which is why you cannot select it.

Have a look at this guide, which may help clarify your probelem

Ideally if you have formatted the SD card as internal storage it is encrypted. So if you can move the 1.36G to the main memory you maybe able to reformat the card as external.


I just formatted it as portable, now I can take pics again.


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