Official LineageOS 20 FP4

I use QKSMS. It allows searching, backup/restore and scheduled messages.

I’ve been using QKSMS for about a month now and am satisfied with it. The search feature is simple, but works well enough. The only common feature that it seems to be lacking is that when trying to copy text it is only possible to copy an entire message and not possible to select just a portion of the text and copy that. There is an open issue for this feature on github Copy partial text · Issue #1105 · moezbhatti/qksms · GitHub


are there any updates on relocking the bootloader?
Just installed a fresh version on Lineage4MicroG and I can not figure out how to lock the bootloader correctly.

Do I need to build the image myself and provide some sort of public key?

Just dropping by to share that I successfully updated to the official LOS 20 coming from @mmustermann 's LOS 19 I was running for about a year. Thanks a lot for your hard work everyone!


After mondays update a small issue i had earlier with charging control seems to have been fixed.
Earlier the screen would turn on intermittently when the battery had reached the limit for charging control and was still charging but i can’t recall this happening in a few days now.

You don’t need root, an adb with root is enought, you can acces it with the developer options on LineageOS.
But I don’t know if there is anyone that is working on the FP4 config file.
I have started for the “old” FP3+ and when i have time I still test it.

i also had a weird issue with charge control that got fixed, when the device would reach 100% at a set time, the vibration motor would continually run until i unplugged.

I’m using the microG lineageos builds, and I have problems with signal, especially when in roaming: phone takes very long time to register (compared to other phones of people coming with me), and very often switches to 2G - switch to airplane mode several times usually helps.

I noticed that for older FP models, there was a community-provided way to update the firmware in the modem (✏ FP2 modem firmware). Is there something like this for FP4? Or could I just fastboot flash one/some of the files that are contained in the original firmware zip files?

On the latest Lineage for Microg ROM, 20-20230808-microg-FP4, I’ve lost the ability to send/receive SMS or make calls over wifi. I’ve noticed that in places where I have no T-Mobile signal, but good wifi, I can no longer send/receive SMS messages or make calls. I can confirm this by also placing my phone in airplane mode and then turning on wifi. When I try to make call, this is what I get:

Is anybody else seeing this behavior?


Note that you just leaked your phone number in your screenshot. Just in case you care but overlooked it. :wink:

As for the Wi-Fi calling: You can disable that in the settings. Have you checked wether this option is definitely set to ‘on’ for the relevant sim card?


Thanks! Removed the phone number, and yes… wifi calling is enabled:

BTW, changing the calling preference to “call over wi-fi” or “wi-fi only”, doesn’t allow it to work, either.

For the record, updating to the September 8th, 2023 Lineage for Microg build restored WiFi calling, so it was clearly a problem with the August build.


One common issue I have with Lineage OS (or more)
Camera… takes sometimes AGES to capture a photo… and no slow-motion :frowning:

I’ve had the same experience with Fairphone’s Stock Camera too though. The time from hitting the button to actually taking the photo is often enough for the moment to pass. :frowning: It’s a bit better with other camera apps in my experience.

I have the Aperture Iode Version of the LOS Version installed and dont see any special delay on stock FPOS and yes it has only very minimal settings. Try a GCam Port its better in my eyes, also the picture quality

I was talking about taking a picture on WhatsApp, Telegram and so ^^

So it always helps to be a bit more precise…

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having this annoying issue with the sound of phone calls (ear and speaker) that i cant change the volume. any one else have this? wondering if its just my install or if it has to do with lineage.

I don’t have this problem with the stock dialer… although I have to say, that I can only switch between 4-5 loudness levels…

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I had just started updating to the latest Lineage release when i saw this thread and aborted the installation so i can neither confirm nor deny: