Not upgrading to Android 10 (yet)

Have you notified ‘mgkoeln’ of your findings?

No one has to notify me! The “Known bugs…”-Thread is a Wiki - so everybody can keep it up to date themselves when they find something relevant! :slightly_smiling_face:


When the upgrade to Android 10 became available, I went to this forum and saw the list of bugs and issues people experienced after the upgrade (in Known bugs & problems with Android 10 ) and decided to wait; there are some serious issues on that list!

Two days ago, I have decided to do the upgrade. Partially because of the constant reminder, and partially thinking that eventually certain apps might not function as well with an older version.

So far, I have experienced no problems, but haven’t noticed any big improvements either (but they can all be ‘under the hood’ type of things).


I bought a FP3 a few months ago with /e/ pre-installed. When the new camera modules came out, I instantly bought them but they don’t work under Android 9.

Since there are so many issues with Andriod 10, I’ve been reluctant to make the switch. but now I’m really want to start using the new camera. Has anyone experience with the Android 10 version of /e/? Is it relatively safe? Or should I give ti some more time?

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The Android 10 troubles - at least so far - are definitely connected to the original Android 10 and not to the /e/ version. And there seem to have been some differences regarding minor problems between Android 9 and /e/ Android 9 as well; the /e/ version being more stable if I recall it right.

No guarantee of course, but don’t expect to run into the same troubles some users here are reporting with their Android 10 update. And those troubles don’t affect everyone or even just a majority, to be sure. Otherwise the update would have been halted, as they did once for a brief time-period.

So far I haven’t read here in this forum about /e/ Android 10 problems.
I am still on /e/ 9 though, since I didn’t manage to make a backup and the update, but not out of fear.


Thanks, Bert! Yesterday I did the update and everything works as expected. And now I can finally use my new Camera Module. :slight_smile:

I did have some trouble trying to update with /e/'s Easy Installer. In the end, I updated manually with fastboot and it was done in under ten minutes.


Great, that you managed!
Did you mayb experience troubles like those:

There is a link to the /e/ forum as well.
(Just for some future need, of course. :wink: )

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Thanks for the link.

I’m on Linux (elementary OS) and had no trouble using the app or starting the update process. With me, the app seemed to hang at the “/e/ installation” step. After about 30 minutes, I figured there wouldn’t be much more progress and rebooted the phone.

To my surprise, it had a clean install of the Android 9 version. So I repeated the process again, and then again but every time with the same outcome. Then finally I decided to follow this guide for installing /e/ using Linux and it worked like a charm.

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