/e/ easy-installer hangs on Windows

Dear all,
I am not entirly sure that I am in the right thread beeing completely new here. I was thrilled to discover that there is a GUI for the installation of e on FP3. That was, what gave me the confidence to try to actually flash a new phone without real experience.

The program led me well throughout the first steps. I believe I managed to unlock the bootloader, since I do get the screen with the green START written on top. But I am stuck there: the easy-installer on my PC does not show a “continue” button when I reached that screen on the phone and I tried all options from the fastboot menu on the phone except for the recovery mode without triggering any progress. Does anyone have a hunch what I could be missing?

It is an FP3 and I am using a Win10 PC. One step prior, I had trouble getting the right code to unlock OEM. The official Fairphone solution https://www.fairphone.com/en/bootloader-unlocking-code-for-fairphone-3/ did not work. It said verification failed. But I got a valid code from https://public.z3ntu.xyz/FP3/verify-code.php Is that a known issue?

Thanks already and best wishes

Hi Edelberd,

I moved your questions to a new topic in the hope that other people will find it more easily if they run into the same problem.

A general hint first: over at the /e/ forum there is a topic on how to troubleshoot issues with the installer: https://community.e.foundation/t/howto-troubleshoot-issues-with-the-easy-installer/23290?u=ingo_fp_angel

What you describe to me sounds like the issue described in the “Installer hangs after unlock instructions in “Start device in Fastboot mode” (on Windows)” section. In that case you need to install some drivers first as explained in https://community.e.foundation/t/fp3-no-usb-conection-via-fastboot-unlocking-bootloader-not-possible/23351/6


Hi Ingo,
thanks a lot, uptdating the drivers solved my issue. I then restarted the installer and it kept walking me through the process step by step. And it was not complicated at all. I have to say it really is awesome. Thanks for making this possible for people without coding skills :smiley:


Coding skills aren’t necessary, perhaps make that people with understandable reservations towards manual install instructions :wink: .

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