Not upgrading to Android 10 (yet)

Kenny, I agree with you that Android 10 adding an extra permissions level is good. But I’m horrified that it takes 10 minutes to come out of Airplane mode! Is rebooting any quicker? I would class that a major bug.

It comes out immediately it just took 10 minutes and a restart to fully connect to my network. Bluetooth and telephone and other connections are immediate. This again I think is a network problem and I personally wonder if Fairphone maybe didn’t test it enough with many European networks before release. Had they released a final testing version we could find these bugs and they could fix them before a wider rollout but then we would all complain why we had to wait for the upgrade! They can’t win.


Thanks for your reply. Even an old valve TV set from the 50s wouldn’t take 10 minutes to walm up :wink: I hope the techie bods are working to create a patch. You aren’t the only one having various network issues.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve upgraded to 10 and my only issue has been Google’s insistence that I want a giant bloody clock on my home screen where a normally keep my music player widget. So now I have Nova Launcher installed. Which is nicer anyway because it also got rid off that search bar I never used.

I haven’t had any issues with notifications, but from what I’m reading the issue seems to be related to how they display on the lock screen and I’ve got a flip cover. Plus I’ve got notifications set to not show their contents and need to unlock my phone to read them anyway.


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I agree to all, that problems with smartphones (as well as with other computers) can have soooo many sources, that it’s really hard to find the roots for troubles.
Besides the settings in the OS of the phone, there are thousands of different apps and lots and lots of different network providers and even different SIM card versions can have an impact. Therefore it is virtually impossible, to test everything in advance.

This of course does not mean, that major bugs are to be excused (maybe just explained, how comes …) and they have to be solved as soon as possible.

Just an example of unexpected and unexplainable behaviour from my own experience only last night.
Before I went to bed, I checked the time and the alarm time of my FP2 to wake me up as usual.
When I woke up (no alarms!), the phone was set at:
9:47h 25 July 2020 instead of
7:28h 23 September 2020
Quite a surprise, since I wanted to get up way before.

I have absolutely no idea, what could have caused this behaviour.
The phone is set to get the date and time automatically from the network; but that never worked (at least “at home”). Maybe my network provider took a timetravel back a few months and this time my phone kept up with it. :grinning:
So I just adjusted date and time.

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OK, but be aware Android 9 on FP3 no longer receives updates (including security fixes).

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Hello, if the smartphone efficiency is critical to your job or life, then your prudence is a sensible choice. I had the same idea but then a few days ago I decided I was done with receiving messages about system upgrades and gave in :slight_smile:
Afterwards I experimented some unexpected reboots and once had problems with a call, I could not hear the other one… but I suspect I was connected to one of the bluetooth speakers around home, never took the time to sort that problem and it never happened again. Oh yes two or three times the screen would not respond, could not start apps and decided to reboot. I am sure these inconveniences will be resolved, not really a big deal to me, but again, I don’t work with my phone and don’t live with my phone in my hand so much, I am probably an easy user


Hi Casandra,

From one newbie to another, welcome!
I’ve read about the invasive clock and just think it is Google being all controlling. Google is always right remember. They know everyone wants it, so you have to have it. I haven’t yet upgraded to 10 but that would have me trying other launchers too. Like you, I put up with the dead search bar. Does this clock show up on every page of the home screen?

You make a good point about notifications. There may well be something owners can switch on somewhere in the settings jungle? I’d be looking right now if I was on 10. Pleased you haven’t had any problems.

I agree with you that there could many reasons for the problems people are facing with the upgrade. Regarding your alarm clock issue, I did read here that someone had a scenario where the alarm wouldn’t function unless the phone screen was active? Every bug seems different. You must have switched off automatic time and date then. Makes sense if your ISP is porting you back. You will have to reset the time whenever you re-instate the battery now though!

True, no security or OS updates for FP3 users still on Android 9. Applications will still support upgrades for as long as they still support Android 9.



Oh no, you gave into the nag! :wink: I’m sure that the bugs will be ironed out eventually. Reboots are a concern. Fingers crossed that’s the last one you have.

I’m a light to moderate user. I don’t need it for work, but I do want it to work reliably which it does right now.


Here’s another very satisfied Android 10 upgrader. Plus well-working rear camera upgrade.


No issues after upgrade here as well. Just the freezing of Chrome every now and then, but I think that this was already happening with Android 9 as well.


I’m very happy with the Android 10 upgrade. Have had no problems :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
I am also considering to wait a bit since the list of glitches is not short. It would be interesting to see a poll of many Android 10 users on Fairphone 3 and 3+ to see the actual “magnitude” of these problems.

I really would like to know, if the (some/all) problems are caused (primarily/only) by an update or if there are Fairphone 3+ users - having Android 10 by defauld - are affected as well.
This could be an important question.
Admittedly, I did not follw this thread in that regard.


Thanks gordon, FreekB and Marhag for your positive reports. The more good reports the better!

I was after a poll to see how many folk have no issues vs those that do. But it was brought to my attention that it wouldn’t show a full picture and after thinking about it, I decided they were right. I think Fairphone wanted to sell 40,000+ FP3 handsets. I don’t know if they have reached or exceeded that figure. Only 234 people voted in Antoine’s poll saying if they had upgraded with 162 saying that they had. I’ve never been any good at maths but 1 percent of 40,000 is 400 right? So with only 162 that would be eligable to vote, that would only equate to around 0.4 percent of total users (if I’ve got that right). That’s why I dropped it anyway. Don’t let me discourage you though as I would find a poll interesting. For me though it’s too small a proportion to get a proper picture. I’ve read quite a lot of negative posts on this forum and the known bugs list is atrocious! That is why I’m waiting.

Hi BertG,
That is my problem. I don’t know why some people are having issues and really would like someone at **Fairphone or Google to get to the bottom of it rather than potentially choosing the short straw.

** Before someone shouts at me, I know that this is a user forum not a support area of Fairphone. :wink:


I am totally with you in your reasoning.
And I also totally believe, that Fairphone is frantically working on fixing the issues.
One indicator is, that they stopped the Android 10 update for a few days. Still, it looks like the fixes unfortunately did not cover all users’ problems. But they for sure will not have given up on it. :wink:

I’ve updated my heavy customized FP3 on day 1 and haven’t noticed any drawbacks.
The old Android 9 crashed when I connected the phone to my car, this has been fixed with Android 10.
Since the service release a few days ago, there is a spacing between provider and time.


Just to add my experience - I have updated my phone 2 days ago and have had no major issues so far.

The only thing that may have happened is that the phone now sometimes gets stuck on slow charging. However, as taking out the plug and reconnecting a few times usually fixes that, this is a small annoyance, rather than a big problem (also, there’s a chance that this was a coincidence, as it seems that FP3s sometimes randomly develop this issue - FP3 Slow Charging)

Edit: further two days later and the slow charging issue seems to have disappeared. So either it was wobble, unconnected to the upgrade, or it somehow sorted itself out.


I was also holding off the upgrade until I read this thread. The positive reports swayed my opinion, so I vowed to report the results of my upgrade here, too.

After a week of Android 10, I haven’t had any serious problems. What I had:

  • Two minor cosmetic annoyances:
    • Irremovable date widget on home screen. It ate my Calendar widget, and I had to rearrange things somewhat to be able to add it again
    • Large irremovable suggestions in Settings
  • My 3rd party alarm app failed to fire the morning after the upgrade. Turns out Android 10 got more strict about apps starting from background, and the alarm app needed an extra permission. It asked for it upon opening the app, I gave it, and the alarm has been rock solid again since

Apart from those, I haven’t noticed any problems. Everything just works, no data loss, no battery drain or slow charging. I also appreciate the system-wide dark theme and the Google Play system update, which makes me feel a bit more secure despite the tardiness of conventional security updates on the FP3. All in all, my upgrade experience has been positive :slight_smile:


I’m not convinced that the bods at Fairphone are working round the clock as it has been 19 days since 3.A.0045 was released (as the nag just informed me). I’m not slating them for it though as they are in a far better position to know how many users are affected than I am. *.0045 came out very quickly so we can assume while it didn’t cure all ills for everyone, the number of folk affected by issues reduced. Not all problems are unique to Fairphone either so GOOgle should shoulder some the responsibility. (Yeah, good luck with that!).

Good to read another good report. Thanks.

I don’t think I read that slow charging has been reported as a bug before? It wouldn’t be put off if that was the only issue I got having said that. Pleased it seems to have resolved itself and I hope it was a one off. I take your report as another positive

Fantastic report! You may well have given users the power to remove a bug listed here in known bugs

With Android 10 (for those that don’t know), there are a duplicated layer of permissions which apply to apps that run in the background. This means that though you may have granted foreground permissions, they no longer apply when the app is running in the background. The Alarm is an example of an app that would require background permissions and it would explain why so many users are oversleeping! Have you notified ‘mgkoeln’ of your findings? I guess other apps would require background permissions to function correctly too. With foreground permissions, on Android 9, when an app first requires that permission, it would prompt you to “allow”, “allow once?? (can’t remember)” or “deny”. Now that foreground and background permissions have been separated, I surmise you will have to manually alter the background permission for each app you wish to run in the background or they just won’t work?

Regarding your annoyances, first one is GOOgle telling you what you must have. If you don’t like it, you have to vote with your feet and use an alternative launcher. Don’t know what to do about the second, but you are not alone there.

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