No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot

Hello everyone!

I want to share this with you: I was suffering the problem about having no sound in at least one third of all calls since day 1 of my FP3. After trying all the suggested solutions without any success I reported it to the fairphone support. I t took me a lot of patience and some harsh comments on them until I finally convinced them of apparently having bought a broken device. Now they have sent me a new phone and the old one is going to be shipped to a reparation shop in france. The problem seems to be gone now, so I can finally use the phone without trouble.
I want to encourage you to stick to your guns with the FP-support. I am pretty sure that they are trying to delay the whole exchange-process for financial reasons which is understandable from their perspective as a company. But you have the right to have a working phone, so go for it!


Are you saying the phone which has been sold to you might have been a faulty return?

I wanted to say that fairphone sold me a broken phone, an now exchanged it with a working phone, yes.


Maybe there is a new ROM out that is not released to download and install it, yet. Could you share your current ROM version with us, please? Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone,

since a couple of weeks I’m having problems with calls on my fairphone 3. When I get a call it notifies me and I can accept the call, but neither can I hear my partner nor can he hear me. Same issue when I’m initiating the call and on both sim cards (Vodafone, Telekom).

For other things (e.g. create and hear voice messages) the mic and speaker work, so there’s nothing wrong with them.

When the problem occurs I can solve it by restarting the phone. After some hours or days same issue again.

Android 10
Build-Number: 8901.3.A.0054
Wifi-Calling is disabled for both sim cards

Thanks a lot for any answers!

hey fcsimpel!
it seems like there is no solution for this problem. report it to the FP-support and keep writing them, in the end the y will exchange the phone, at least this is what happened to me and now the new phone works!
Good luck!


same problem here. The bug started a few day ago and is only solved by rebooting the phone.
Opened a case with the support.


Its really disappointing, that after All this weeks and months that this Problem exists, there is still no sollution. And no satisfying answer from the Company although there are so Many customers who are affected by that.
Im slowly loosing my patience

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Same problem here…

I’ve got the same problem as you all.
As mentioned before in this thread, I can reproduce the problem (not hearing sound in calls and mic not working as well) by playing music directly on my phone speaker via Amazon Music.
I guess Spotify might work as well.
After playing a few seconds and then closing the app, the problem occures.

It does not happen if I play music via my plug-in headphones or a bluetooth box.
Important is then to close the app with headphones or box still active.

So I have no solution, but I can avoid it for now.

Every other solution here (changing SIM etc.) did not help at all.

Hope it will help you until it gets fixed.

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…it’s been more than 3 weeks and I am still waiting for a reply from customer service. I wonder if I will ever hear from them or if the money I paid for a nonworking phone will be lost forever.

Do you use Spotify, Amazon Music or something similar like Johannes_C does? I had switched from Spotify to Amazon, when support team informed me, that the sound problems could have something to do with Spotify. The problem persisted, but some weeks ago I realized, that everything was working fine, when I didn’t use any of those programs. I reported that to the support team (I had already got a ticket). Guess what: I got essentially the message back “well, okay, than that is a software compatibility problem and is not covered by the software warranty. Try cleaning the caches and if that doesn’t help, just stop using those apps!” Great, thanks.

By the way: using a Bluetooth speaker and closing Spotify before switching off the speaker does the trick with my FP, too. Thanks, Johannes!

I haven’t even installed either of those apps! Those problems occured randomly, even after e.g. new simcard, safety mode reboot etc etc. I am not using my fp3 anymore as it became unusable.

Sometimes when I receive a call I can’t hear anything (except the ringtone) and the caller doesn’t hear me. I have to restart the phone to make it work. The same when I want to make a call. Can It have something to do with the fact that I shut down the sound during the night. Se screenshot. When I wake up I just adjust the sound again, screenshot 2. But it’s not like this everyday…strange! Any ideas?


May be useful to know what OS and version/update you are using.

Same problem here.
Help! :slight_smile:

I found an update on the phone.
Today I reveived a call and it worked alright. But I will wait a few more days until I’m sure it’s alright.
OS? Don’t know. Where do I see which I have??? I haven’ change it…(Is it possible to choose???)
Now you understand my technical skills here. :grin:

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Settings > About Phone > Scroll down to last entry > Build number :slight_smile:

My last update via EE in the UK reads 8901.3.A.0066.2020119

The last part 20201119 is the date

Info on the update is at Software update: 3.A.0066

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Thanks! I’ve got the same number.

Same on my side.

This behaviour started with the latest update.

Build-Number: B901.3.A.0066.20201119