No AR Support ? (Google Play Services for AR / ARCore)

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I wanted to use a local map app ( but I discovered that the AR features were not available. It’ seems that my FP5 does not support ARCore (


Is it a “me problem” or a “FP5 problem” ?

I’m a little shocked as I had a reeeaaaly old phone before, but AR was supported.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Have a look here

Edit: or here for a link listing supported devices

Thanks for your quick reply !

That means that it is known that there is not support, and the only way in is an old root/hack ?

Is there a way to know if it is on a roadmap ? Or a way to post a feature request for FP5 ?

You can get in contact with Fairphone support do get an official answer. Easiest way is the online chat I guess. Infos here contactsupport

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Thanks, just did that and will update here with the answer.

Here is the reply from support :

Hi there,

My name is from the support team. Nice to e-meet you :).
Thank you for supporting Fairphone and for reaching out.

I understand that you want to know if or device will support ARCore, or Augmented Reality features. At the moment, none of our devices have this, which has to do with the chipset support. We decided to go for a long-lasting industrial chipset for the Fairphone 5, but this has limitations on the AR support features.

Although at the moment we don’t have it, we appreciate your input and will make sure to forward these ideas internally.

If this is something we would take into consideration for the future or if we would like to ask some more questions, someone from the relevant department will reach out to you.

We value your comments since they give a good insight into the wishes and needs of our community.

If you have any other inquiries, please do let us know.

Kind regards,

Customer Support

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TLDR; Not supported because of hardware (will certainly never be for that reason)

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