New slim back cover

Isn’t this a big deal for anybody else? I mean, nothing says openness and transparency like a … transparent cover.


If you search for “transparent cover” you will find out that many have criticized that transparent covers aren’t available anymore.

I read in the following comment It is coming (Android 6 launch event), that there is a possibility that fairphone publishes the slim case files, so you can print your own transparent cover :slight_smile:

@Douwe is not talking about the slim case there, but about a DIY case by @keesj.


Ah sorry, i mixed a littlebit :confused:

The new slim-cover looks nice, but let us not forget that there are some issues related to the slim-cover.
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All discussions about releasing the CAD files of the slim back cover could be continued in the hardware thread FP2 Printed Cases : 3D models i think…
(Sorry, but there is no progress or answer at this time, i thought/hoped @Douwe would ask around if there are plans for releasing the files)

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You say the FP2 case is built in but my FP2 just arrived & I don’t feel the case is all that robust would definitely feel more secure if I could get another case for it! I never got it together to sort a case for my FP1 & I managed to crack the screen quite quickly, which I had to live with for 2 1/2 yes cos I couldn’t afford a new one. Is it possible to get an additional case for the FP2?

Hi @Douwe

are there plans to provide slim covers in different colors than the existing ones?

  • Indigo
  • Coral Red
  • White
  • Tuquoise

See webshop:

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No, there are no such plans

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Then I suggest to users with wishes for different colors to buy “White” ones and color them :wink:


I know, I’m a bit late with my reply (the original post being from January 9); and kind of off-topic as well.
But I just wanted to mention, that for the coffee to go cups there is an ecological (and lightweight) alternative to

The Tree Cup -

(Sorry, shop-page and shipping: Germany only!)

Cup, collar and lid are 2.50 Euro each and can be bought seperately.
The cup comes in 9 colours, the collar in 12 and the lid in 6, adding up to 648 different combinations.
Mats in 8 diferent colours are available at 3.50 Euros.

Is there a chance to get my beloved translucent cover back? Perhaps there will be a slim version because not the color was the problem but the rubber band

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Unfortunately, the color parts of the regular cases were prone to break easily, too :frowning: And some reports suggested that the transparent and translucent ones did so even more so than the matte ones.


Let’s see …

… so, currently not.


Maybe a transparent cover needs more community initiative?