Partially transparent back cover made with laser cutter

Blue makes me happy again

Hi, I was very disappointed when Iris from support told me last week, that there will be no transparent back cover produced for FP2 anymore. I visited some guys from Epilog at the Maker Faire Berlin and did a tryout on a new Zing laser cutter. Now I’m happy again:)


So cool! Thought about to find a 3D scanner at Maker Faire Berlin to scan the back cover and print it transparent, but it’s so more difficult than expected. Especially i think it’s not legal to copy the backcover, but also very difficult to print transparent. So have to wait for an official release of the cover CAD files.
But nice idea and a nice recycling programm for damaged old transparent cover!


Hey ! I could have made the exact same picture of my transparent case. I’ve replaced it by a blue translucent, but I really prefer the transparent one.

How did you glue the transparent back to the new case ?

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Hi Marc,

some ABS glue and temporary tape on the rear side did the trick.



Too bad I don’t have a laser cutter at hand, I find your version of the case even better than the original one :slight_smile:

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This really looks great! I’d like one, too! :slight_smile:

So when will you start selling these? :slight_smile:

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Really cool, man! Perhaps you could start experimenting with other materials and the slim cases, too? How long did it take you to make?

Try to find a fablab, makerspace or similar near your location and go ask there what can be done :wink:
They will also tell you the time needed.


I’ve already tested the fablab here, but the cost is really not adapted to this kind of little work. I guess you’ll need the laser cutter for less than a min, and that converts to something around 40/50EUR. It used to be cheaper…

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