Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone 1 + Experiences

Que pensez-vous de proposer aussi un “étui portefeuille”, pour protéger le FP, en plus de la coque ?

What do you think of also proposing a “case wallet”, to protect the FP, besides the hull?



If you want an official answer from the Fairphone Team, you should contact them directly via Support. This is a community forum, populated by Fairphone users like you and me.

Personally I don’t think Fairphone needs to offer such a case because there are plenty third-party cases, which fit the Fairphone.

I just switched back to “no case” because I recently lost my cool selfmade case (see above). :frowning:

I usually never took my phone out of the case but this one time I did and I must have put the case down in the tram somewhere. I realized the second the tram-door closed behind me after I got out so I ran home, jumped on my bike and tried to overtake the tram, which I failed at miserably. I checked several trams after they turned at the end of the line but somebody must have already found my case.

Today I received the content of the case by mail (bank-card, e-card, …) which I’m very happy about but I’m wondering why somebody would keep my case. I don’t know if it will fit any other phone and I think the chances another Fairphone user found it and wasn’t fair enough to send it back are very low.

Anyway, long story short, I’ll probably make me a new (better) case soon so if anybody is interested I could probably make more than one and I could take pictures of the process to create a step-by-step guide.


i would like to have kind of this for my fp 2… Do you know if there is a possibility of getting the exact dimensions, so i can order one? thanks! :slight_smile:

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Where do you want to order it?
I made it myself and took the Fairphone as a template. And since it was stolen I can’t tell you the exact dimensions.

It’s not necessary for the FP2, because it has an integrated case in the back cover…

That sucks man. It looked nice.

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i know, but it would be nice, i think. I was thinking of ordering one here: http://www.dielederwerkstatt.de/
but therefor i need the dimensions etc… :slight_smile:

Did I post Waterkant here already? Lovely products, good materials, cute logo and a large variety of models for FP1, some from self-made wool felt:

e.g. this one (for 20 €) in dark grey and FP blue:


I use a hand made wollen case done by a ethical company near me. Colette makes the cases out of felt wool or leather that are left overs and could have ended in the bin instead. Check her site here:
She customises the cases and you can chose your colours. :smile:


I just got a 3D printed case, and in general I feel really disappointed with the results in several aspects:

  • The overall process: the fairphone web gives no information at all about where you are gonna be able to print your case, which materials/colors will be available, how much is it gonna be to have it sent, real pictures of the actual cases, etc. When I ordered it, I thought that living in quite a big city (Barcelona) there would be some printers to choose from Barcelona, I even checked on 3dhub and saw that there are some close by, but after buying the case, none of those were a valid partner for fairphone. In the end I ended up having to pay 9 euros more than expected for the delivery and proper material. It would have been way better to go directly to 3dhub and order it from there.
  • The result of the print is nothing at all similar to the one in the picture from the fairphone shop (some pics attached). I chose the material proposed by the printer, but (maybe because it is flexible PLA), it is loose, doesnt get a good grip on the phone. And it doesn’t feel smooth, like normal phone cases, but more like something made of a cardboard material.

To sum up, because of the two step process I ended up paying way more than I would have for a case that is not worth it. :’(

[ I couldnt post all the pics I had, so more here]

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since my original FP1 bumper case is getting old, I was googling for a new one and found this page:

Might be useful :wink:


I’m using the black/gray original FP1 bumper case for my FP1U. Although this case lowers the beauty of the Fairphone it kept my phone save :wink:

After 2 years the gray rubber parts of the case start to get sticky (I experienced the same with a Siemens ME75 phone years ago), so I think I have to find a new one or print one by myself :wink:

I am not a fan of the 3D printed case at all. It does a good job protecting the phone, but it is bulky and after using it for a year now many parts are chipped of and it even starts to cut in my hand whenever I hold it.

Has anyone tried to make their own case with silicone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHgs8B_6c7I
Maybe this could be a solution for you as well @nlie?

I am not interested in a sleeve or a flipbook, I am really looking for a case.


Was this case for the FP 1 or the FP2?

AS stated in the topic title, this poll is about FP1 cases.


I have my fairphone 1U for more than 1 year now. When I first received it, I build a black case to go with it, and never was I disappointed by the case.
Last month, the rubber part went away, so I wanted to have a new one.
On the website I discover that there where only 3D cases available now…
Quite disappointed, I still needed a new case so I took one…
After only 1 week (and 2 falls I admit), the case broke down, in several parts…

So now I am really disappointed!!! I went back to my old, almost dead, black case…

I would really love to have a new one. Is there someone who doesn’t use his??
Or will the factory make new one in a short term?

I find it nice to try with 3D printing, but I don’t think the technique is good enough yet. Maybe with another material…

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love for the first case with the community, and make an observation for maybe amelioration for the new 3D cases.

Thank you

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Try out Shapeways:

Especially this one and that one seem to be popular in the community.

PS.: Each month they have a discount coupon for free shipping. You should search the internet and try some. It saves you quite some money.

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