New forum update: Discourse 1.9

The Fairphone Forum has been updated to Discourse 1.9

For a complete overview of what has changed, please check the changelog on

If you want to test any of the new features, please join the playground topic


I like the new Badges (Enthusiast, Aficionado, Devotee) and it’s great that they are granted retrospectively. Btw, @Lidwien beat me to all of them. :wink:


There is one problem with oneboxed forum topics/posts:

The category text is coloured Fairphone blue which makes the category unreadable in this case and look weird for other categories.

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I just found a new setting in the user preferences - at least I think it’s new.

Under “Interface” you can now change your default home page.
For me it seemed to be set to “Latest”, but actually when I went to I got to the categories view. But when I switched the setting to something else and back the behavior changed.
Minor but cool improvement! :+1:


Paula, you are my hero of the day! :angel:


I have bookmarked anyway … but a profile setting should survive possible URL changes, so this is nice :+1: .

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Problems! Since the last update I am frequently presented with a message “cannot load app” when visiting the forums, claiming that I am off-line. Not in the way Firefox normally says it, making me feel it’s a server-side problem. The more because this is only solved with a hard refresh (ctrl+f5), not even a regular refresh. Looks like Discourse is trying to access something from the caches and fails…

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I have that too sometimes, but it was even worse the days before the update.

Does nobody read the changelog??? :joy: I set it to latest immediately. :wink:

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