Negative experience with Cordon electronics (repair) FP3

Hi there,

I’ve bought my FP3 second hand but barely used and not even one Year old.
Everything was fine, expect the camera fokus on short distances. After chatting with the support, I had to send it to Cordon electronics and that is when the struggle started. They attestes my fairphone an oxidation of the electric card and offered a repair that would cost me 419.- or 19,- for nothing or putting it into the trash for free (how generous).
I’m really shocked about that. It never got wet (the pre owner assured me that aswell and I do believe her). So i did send a phone with a little camera problem and pay 19.- for getting back trash :dizzy_face: :triumph: . Anyone with a similar situation? Because if this is more often maybe they change their service partner…

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Similar case here:

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Hi @Wellenreiterin Welcome to the forum though under dire circumstances.

Is the issue still just the camera focus, it may be worth trying an alternative app.

As mentioned dampness can get into the phone without it clearly getting wet.

The sad part is having to send it of just to discover that. Of course you don’t know how this dampness came about.

So when/if you get the phone back you may like to try Nikita Gcam to start with

The experience with Cordon is however not of their making, though they could have been more helpful maybe if they had suggested that dampness may be a problem before you sent it, or did they ??

if there is a #fairphoneangel near, you may be able to get some help with checking the condition.

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Cordon is doing repairs for Fairphone, whose support agent recommended to send the phone in. The OP was not supposed to assume that the device had been exposed to moisture, and it is not possible to proof unless the device is disassembled completely…


Thank you very much for your kind and helpful reply :slight_smile: There was a note, that if there are signs of improper use, I have to pay the repair. This was self-evident to me. But I didn’t think that it is that sensitive, as they promote it as a very longlasting and stable phone. (so I figured this was the fault of the repair service because I really can’t explain myself where it should come from). Sure, it might have been that I checked the time or something while it was raining but to me that’s not a ‘improper use’. Everybody does it or not?! It’s 10 Years ago since I’ve owned such a ‘new’ phone but I’ve never had problems with the other ones before they where 6 or 7 years old (I always buy them second hand because of the enviroment). Before sending it in, the support recommended me to try ‘open camera’ (slightly better) and ‘a better camera’ (not better ;)) but I’m looking forward to try this one aswell.


OH Deepsea you are on a mission again nice of you to argue.

  • I know who Cordon is as well as Newton
  • I know Fairphone is the support agent the OP contacted
  • I Know the OP wasn’t assuming it was wet, probably not considering it was as most would do
  • And I know it’s not possible to assess, without dismantling, hence the notion that the OP could have been advised to check for such.

StiIl I’m sure you know I know so what is your problem that I may be able to help you understand my post. It may just be a language, culture thing but I’m happy to answer any comment you have regarding the issue of

  • The OP’s disappointment with the result of the effort to get support via Fairphone and Cordon
  • Any ideas you may have to help the OP with the camera issue
  • Any ideas you may have on how I should respond to queries as you seem to repeatedly call my responses into question.

This is a remarkable advice, as the stock camera app should be capable of focusing…

Yes it is sensitive to damp although a little rain is touted as being acceptable. It seems the issue is being in a damp environment for a while. My daughter dropped hers down the toilet but it seemed fine after drying for a couple of days. Dampness creeps in and isn’t obvious it’s eating away at metallic parts etc, and then of course doesn’t show up for a considerable length of time.

I had thought of mentioning Open Camera but tried it and settled on Nikita.

By the way do you have the FP3 with the 12Mpx camera?

this was very helpfull to read aswell… I really hope they work on that. Does anybody know if It’s possible to see the water makers? On other phones they where visible as white squares (red above now, that it’s not that simple to see so that question cleared)

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Yes I do :slight_smile: I thought about changeing it, but i’m afraid it’s more a software problem and not getting better with a new camera. But it was on the reapair list of Cordon so maybe it’s responsible for the problem

I have a spare 12Mpx, not sure how easy it is to send it or if you can find one locally, I’m in the UK.

So where are you?

Did you change it to the 48MP? Is there a huge difference to the 12MP? I’m in germany. I’ve just checked ebay and they are quite affordable, a lot of people seem to change them to the 48MP. So I think I just buy a second hand one and give it a go. But thank you very much for the offer. I was thinking about changing it to a 48MP aswell, but if the phone is allreay oxidated and that sensitive, I’m not sure if it will last that long as I’ve expected.


Hi I didn’t swap, I picked up a couple after other did, exactly for this scenario. I had/have intentions of setting up as a Fairphone angle but it’s not realistic in the UK and where I reside yet.

A lot of reports say the different isn’t worth the trouble, I’ll see if I can find a topic or two etc. But if it’s a rally cheap and easy way to check out the isseu then it make sense to try.

I was looking for a giveaway that may be near you, but haven’t found one. anywhere. :frowning:

All the best

By the way the new camera 48Mp is 48Mps not 48Mpx. It’s a bayer 4 x 12Mps that produces 12MPx output

Thank you for sharing this. I did some research before but it was never that clear and now I’m convinced that it doesn’t make sense to me to change to the ways more expensive 48MP :wink:

If you’d like to try an alternative 12Mpx ~

Keep your eyes open for a giveaway as it will take me some time if you would like me to send on.

I live well of the beaten track and don’t even go to the local village except on average once a month and there is no post office there :slight_smile:

I also had a bad experience with them.

When I bought my FP3+ last Christmas it kept rebooting, once a day. After some attempts with Fairphone support I was asked to send it to Cordon, it was probably March.

You get an email when they receive the phone and one when they send it back.

They kept my phone for 50 minutes. They updated the SW and sent it back, without even waiting a couple of days to see if the intervention fixed the problem. The problem was still there when I received my phone.

I’ve just sent it again to Cordon a few days ago for another problem and I’m afraid of what could happen.


Hi max

You don’t say when you sent it, last Xmas is a while away. You also didn’t say if the 50 min SW update made any difference.

Given it could all have happened 9 months ago and you now have a different problem I wondering what the bad experience was ??

I’ve just enriched my post, thanks for warning me.

I hope it is clearer now.

The new problem is with the display, it started showing vertical lines of different colors every now and then. After a couple of weeks the lines became fixed and never disappeared so the phone was unusable.


Sorry to repeat but I don’t see how any of this is a bad experience with Cordon, which was my query :slight_smile:

On the issue of the screen I’m seen many post where similar issues arose due to the screen not being seated properly. Have you tried disassembling and reassembling the module…

Then please ask for a new thread, or start one by yourself and do the troubleshooting there, thanks…