Flickering screen on FP3

Since I updated the phone last week when I unlock the phone the screen flickers and I can’t use the touch screen until it stops. Has anyone else had this issue and is it anything other than a software issue?


Unlikely to be a software issue, more likely a connection has worked loose or damp has got to the screen, some things are co-incidental :slight_smile:

You say since the update, did it happen immediately or was it ok for a day or two?

It got steadily worse over a week or more. I’ve tried resetting the phone but it hasn’t helped much. It is odd if it is a connection problem as the startup screen doesn’t flicker and when I can actually get it to work it is worse on the home screen and lock screens than some of the apps.

That’s a bit sad, more than that for you, but most people don’t have the problem, by this forums account’ .

If FP can’t reproduce it there will be not software update but if may be a good idea to inform them anyway if you don’t resolve this soon.

By the way is this a FP3 or FP3+ and can you confirm the update is 0077>?

Its FP3 brand new as of a few weeks ago. It was fully updated this morning before I restored. I’m struggling to get into settings right now so can’t confirm exactly the update. I’ve sent an email by FP’s contact form.

I got a FP3 recently and it was flickering too. I increased the screen brightness and turned off automatic brightness adjustment and that worked around the problem. I removed the screen, cleaned contacts but no difference. A new screen fixed it.

Also check if you gently press the display module’s margins (onto the body of the phone), you might hear some loose clips clicking into place. Originally, I myself thought the screws would quasi-automatically pull the clips into place, but that isn’t the case.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve tried pressing the margins, but it didn’t make a difference. Looks like I’ll have to get fairphone to give me a new screen. Thanks!

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FYI I took the phone apart and put it back together again and it seesm to be behaving itself. Thanks for the suggestions guys!


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