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When trying to open the “My Fairphone” App, I get (in Dutch) “Failed to download data. Please check your network connection”. Is this because I haven’t logged in into Google on this phone?

I’ve had the same message earlier today, but now it loads fine.

Well, the app is loading but there seems to be no way to log in. Even after clearing cache/force stopping. Rather annoying tbh (see screenshot)

Check you’ve got the latest version of the app v.2.1.1 (available on the play store). Mine was saying the same until I updated and then did a reset of data on the app


Can someone provide a link to the app? I installed LineageOS, so it is gone and i would like to have it back…

I don’t believe it’s on the Google Play Store. I can’t find it now, and couldn’t find it before it was installed on my FP4 with the November patch.

If you have the link to it on the play store, do let us know, as mine is also failing to load with a connection error.

An update got pushed out on the play store on the 19th Dec - happened after the Nov update


That link gives me a 404 error.


The link seems to work if opened directly with Play Store :hushed:


interesting. like @qrdnyce says, the link works opening the play store app, and I do have the latest version installed. but a search for “My Fairphone” in the play store gives me no results (see pic)

It’s probably locked on a hardware ID for Fairphone 4. like the Google Pixel Camera. But then set to hidden for other phones.

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Same here. I think the backend is offline.

Try clearing the app cache and the storage so it’s reset. Worked for me. I’m in the app and it’s working fine


Unfortunately not everybody has the PlayStore, I have iodé on my phone as OS and so I only have Aurora (OK, f-droid, but that doesn’t help in this respect) as appstore.
Aurora gives something like “failed to fetch app details”, so it seems that it is indeed only available for users of the original ROM.

Unless anybody is willing to share the apk.

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I have (still) the original rom on my FP4 (change to iodè as soon as it is available :wink: ), but disabled the playstore.
And for me it is also not available in aurora store. checked it in the morning…

Yes, same story here. Working with Aurora Store and not possible to update. I wonder if APK could be made available by FP on this site?

Not much harm in asking support|at|fairphone|dot|com

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How did you manage to get LOS ? A Treble-GSU ROM ?

Oh sorry, I should have read the tag. I don’t have my Fairphone 4 yet, I was talking about my Fairphone 3 I have LineageOS installed on. That you can simply download and install from their website.

Oooohh I understand x)
Anyway, have a good day :stuck_out_tongue:

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