MyFairphone app

This was the answer for me. I entirely reset the app in settings/apps and logged in again. It all works fine.


“My Fairphone” app - com.fairphone.myfairphone.apkm - On pCloud
Here is it, I think you must install it with Package Manager on F-droid cause it’s splitted :wink:


Thanks a lot!
Unfortunately, neither the Package Manager from f-droid nor SAI is able to install it. Maybe, because my phone isn’t set to French?

Package Manager doesn’t even see the zip and SAI tries to install but says the package can’t be installed.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Best regards

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So sorry, I made a mistake :sweat_smile:
I packed it with AEE, but that’s a split APK and it didn’t work with AEE
I repacked it with Package Manager, now I have a .apkm file, that works perfectly with the installer of Package Manager (I tried it, this time)
Here is it ! com.fairphone.myfairphone.apkm - On pCloud

I also edited first post for avoid confusion


So I got it installed, but it seems it doesn’t like Custom ROMs.
I run iodé on a FP3(non plus) and I am stuck at the splash screen with an error message

I already cleared the cache but that doesn’t help.

Does the error persist when you delete the app data along with the cache?

Yes, I also tried that, sorry that I forgot to mention.

@citroniais thanks for the apk; unfortunately it didn’t work, even after clearing cache/data. I get the same error as @juri.gagarin.ii
Since Juri is on Iodé, and because of the fact that I am not logged in on google on my FP, I guess it has something to do with being connected to Google services?

Did you select to install all 4 apks in packet installer? I got the same message when I only tried to install base.apk, but got a different message (device not supported) when installing all four (did it on a FP2, so I’m not surprised the app recognized the “unsupported device”).

This could well be the case but it would be suboptimal if google was a hard requirement.

To be honest, I didn’t use the Package Manager from f-droid, as it showed very strange behavior:

As you can see, it thinks that inside the zip there is Signal, not MyFairphone. Therefore I used SAI and installed everything except the language package for French. But I also tried to install with language package, the result is the same

For testing I also tried to sign in with microG into my google account, but that didn’t change anything, too. Therefore, I deactivated it quickly again :wink:


It would be great if FP tell us the prerequisites


Now I tried everything I could think of but I couldn’t make it work:

  • I reinstalled with PackageManager (had to put it into a different folder)
  • I deleted cache and user data
  • I gave it every permission manually
  • I logged into a google account with microG
  • I allowed every traffic with the iodé blocker

Still not working on FP3 with iodé as OS.

Very strange. In my case it looks like that:

After I put the apkm into a separate folder, it looked the same for me and I could install it.

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The supplied link worked fine for me. Opening the app for the first time I had to enter my credentials, being my Fairphone account.

However after opening the app is doing a CO2 evaluation for my way of living. This is really Fairphone unworthy. Several questions lack options. The options for several questions are quite ridiculous (like transport: what transport modality you use more than 2 time a week. The answer is a radio button selection between walk/bike/car /train/etc. I take the train for an average of 2 times a week to remote locations and I use my electric car 5 times a week for shopping nearby. What to choose?) Then the resulting diagram gives CO2 emissions for a average European, not adding up to the total that is given in the previous screen, and my CO2 emissions are 0 for all categories except food, which is clearly not in line with the pie chart graph on the previous screen. From the options of the main menu Telefoon and Community may be handy at times. Dutch translations are really bad here and there.
So maybe you should be glad that the app doesn’t work for you :slight_smile: .


Thanks. So no added value from this app it seems :slight_smile:

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What are the benefits of this app, and what happens with me if I am not using it?
Hopefully nothing bad :open_mouth:

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In my opinion the only real benefit is easy access to support