My FP2: 6 years and counting

It turned out that Duolingo consumed 3GB for some reason and with a bit more free space, it’s better (but the crashes are not gone).


6 years yesterday :partying_face: Could you grant me the badge, please?
Might be the last year though… Apps tend to freeze and I don’t want to go back to Android 7, when things were better! Still using the phone and enjoying the view while the apps close and reopen, but it will be hard not to be tempted by Fairphone’s cashback promotion!


I bought my FP2 in May 2016. I wanted to reach 7 years but it’s gona be difficult as I am now facing a lot of random reboots. It even suddenly completely shuts down and then becomes hard to switch on again… Let’s see. I’ll try to fix this!


Are you safe to do a factory reset ??

I’ll try this as soon as I can (I must first extract data from one of my apps that is currently not working… :woozy_face:). I’ll let you know.

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Six years for me too :hugs: What an incredible product!


Six years and a couple of months now for my FP2.
Since update to Android 9, slightly less happy than earlier:

but nothing too serious.
Bought a new battery just recently, but haven’t replaced the original one yet:


6 years for me as well now. Still happy. The housing has some damages at the edges by now, that’s all. Looking forward to the 7th year.


Almost forgot about that: My FP2 has arrived sometime in begin or mid of December 2016 and has been with me since then on most of my ways.
The housing has the obligatory broken edges, it’s running on the third battery, second display (the first one developed irresponsive lines…) and the first bottom module. It has seen almost all versions of FPOS with a longer break in between when we were at Lineage OS. Lately I got some more spontaneous reboots unfortunately, but maybe there’s still something I can do with disassembling, cleaning and assembling back together. I’m looking forward to the FP5 as this might be realistic to reach until there without too many headaches about the specifics of an old phone :wink:


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I think I have owned my FP2 since March 2012, so am getting closer and closer to the six-year mark… I have been through one factory reset (last year, due to the December 2021 Cataclysm - see FP2 reboots and home screen issues), and I replaced the camera module a few years ago. A few weeks ago the phone became unstable again, so I might need to go for another reset (sigh) and/or update the OS (which I haven’t done for a while). Eventually I may decide to buy a new phone, but I’d like to see if I can rescue my FP2 once more! So far, it’s been a good FP experience - and this forum is an amazing source of knowledge :slight_smile:


Seems you are getting closer to a 10 year mark :wink:


First released in December 2015,

So March 2016 would be nearly 7 years :slight_smile: and March 2017 near 6 years

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Just for the record: Nope, that didn’t help. I have taken it completely apart (in terms of modules) and cleaned all the contacts, also on the backside of the display. But it keeps rebooting from time to time (which however solves the issue with mobile data not working), mainly when using it, but also sometimes just when lying around.

I got my Fairphone 2 six years ago. It’s still working fine as my backup phone, it’s running /e/OS for that now. I don’t recall any major trouble with it.


I’ve had my FP2 for six years and it’s been my backup phone for a year.


Update: Since LOS 17.1 was the last one for FP2, I switched to /e/OS which brings at least a basis of LOS 18 to my old hardware.
Works painless for more than 1/2 year now.


It wasn’t, it’s 18.1 currently :wink:


Thanks for pointing out.
So there are still 2 options for the old phone :sunny: